- September Update Schedule! - September Update Schedule!

By tradition, we are reporting the update schedule for this month.

  • 01.09 Issue of FishCoin + price increase. Raising the limits on Stealth Seagull and Semyon Cat.
  • 03.09 Adding a new character.
  • 06.09 Raising the limits for Rybak Mikhalych and Beaver Swallow.
  • 09.09 Launch of the second season of the game Treasure hunters.
  • 11.09 Issue of FishCoin coin + price increase.
  • 14.09 The opportunity to purchase the Fish Ship Galya and Motorka opens.
  • 17.09 Adding a new Tamagotchik.
  • 21.09 Issue of FishCoin + price increase. Raising the limits for Alexander Rybak and Angler Vanka.
  • 24.09 Adding a new quest.
  • 30.09 Adding a new mini-game.

Following the schedule, the limits on Seagull Steles and Cat Seeds have been increased to 50.

Thank you for trusting our project!

Good luck!

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