Who are the padeposters. Learning to recognize them

Who are the padeposters. Learning to recognize them

It is far from a secret that the life of a HYIP is almost impossible without advertising and an additional influx of money. Therefore, it is customary to promote sites in various ways.

Payposting is one of them. Let's figure out the definition and how to still define pidposters in the HYIP industry.

Who are the pade posters

Surely you have often seen suspicious comments from newcomers or experienced users not from our industry who sing praises in topics for a particular project. These are custom-made and paid comments that are aimed at promoting the project. So who are these pade posters? Let's figure it out.

A payposter is a person who promotes a project by leaving various kinds of comments in forums, blogs or monitoring threads praising the project or publishing payments (mostly large) while increasing the reputation of the promoted project, or, on the contrary, can lower the reputation of a competitor.

Such a service is usually paid by the project administration directly or by means of an open deposit for a specific person.

What are they needed for

Numerous useful reviews allow the administration to form a positive information field around the still little-known project, which will make it possible to more effectively manage the reputation.

The answer to the question "why are they needed" is already on the surface and we can say that you could have read it. When paging posting, investors get the impression that the project is active and promising.

How it works

Let's move from words to deeds and immediately give one of the examples of work:

The project administrator pays for the service to one person on the forum. He immediately opens a deposit in the project for the entire amount, posts an extract about it, they say he created a deposit. The benefit of the administration is that the money is already on the balance sheet of its project. Accordingly, he can repeat this service, but with another person and pay only a percentage. Everything is in the black, but in the big plus is the admin of the project.

As you could understand, the mechanism here was as follows - payment for the service with a percentage of the created deposit. Everything that the payposter brought out is his.

Unfortunately, feedback is one of the most important indicators in a new project, which is why this scheme works, especially for beginners.

There is a whole layer of investors that you will not see in normal projects, but only in fast-moving projects, because they do page posting. They do not invest their money, they only earn from paging posting.

How to identify a payposter

There are certain signs of how to identify a padeposter:

  • Negative towards a competitor... As we already wrote, in addition to the fact that the podposters can praise the project, they can also drown them with their negative comments. If you see that the project is well prepared, but suddenly you read a negative comment, then with a high degree of probability this is a paging poster, but of course you should not exclude critics;
  • Messages from Novoregov... You can see messages from newly arrived members of the forum who invest in a new product with the first message in the life of an account. What a coincidence that the account was created on the day the project was launched;
  • Short fake messages... These criteria include "the project pays" (without an extract), "well done admin", etc. It should not be ruled out that in isolated cases comments may be real, but mostly these are lazy padeposters;
  • Small deposits from the start... From the start, you can see a dozen posts with minimal deposits and praising comments. Obviously, these are padeposters;
  • Large deposits... Often, project administrators draw themselves large deposits and payments, create multi-accounts on forums, blogs and monitoring. It's easy to do, but the effect on beginners is surprising. Yes, multi-accounts are banned, but not always that immediately;
  • Experienced Payposter... We assure you that it is not easy to notice such people, because they try to be as similar as possible to ordinary investors. The services of such paging posters are much more expensive than ordinary privates;
  • Non-target paging poster... Such padeposters can be called those who leave comments not on our topic with you. For example, some crypto blogs, forex traders, etc.


In this article, we have examined such a layer of investors as padeposters. We hope that the essence of their work was described as clearly as possible.

We have not answered one of the main questions "are padsters good or bad?" From the admin side - no, from the beginner side - yes. In general, we believe that you should answer it.

We may have missed something. Write to us about it in the comments, it will be interesting to read not only to us, but also to the readers of our blog.

Invest successfully and profitably with RichMonkey.biz! Happy and profitable investment!

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