Tinkoff Investments is a simple and convenient service for investing in securities

Tinkoff Investments is a simple and convenient service for investing in securities

Simple and convenient! This is how investing should look like today.

The Tinkoff Investments service allows you to start working with securities in just a few clicks. What are the advantages and capabilities of this service? Let's figure it out!


Tinkoff Bank was registered by the Bank of Russia in the financial services market on January 28, 1994. It is included in the register of the compulsory deposit insurance system. The organization is positioned as a large universal financial institution. Tinkoff Bank provides settlement and cash services and provides a wide range of services for individuals and legal entities, conducts transactions in the foreign exchange and stock markets. Tinkoff Bank is a member of the international payment systems VISA and MasterCard.

Tinkoff Bank has a fairly extensive functionality, about which there is information even for several articles, among which there are the so-called "Tinkoff Investments", which will be discussed in this article.

What is "Tinkoff Investments" and how to make money on them

Tinkoff Investments is a service of Tinkoff Bank, which offers the opportunity to work with securities. The turnover of your funds will take place on the Moscow and St. Petersburg stock exchanges.

The service allows you to complete free training, which will allow you to start trading more efficiently and profitably.

How to open a brokerage account or IIS

Registration is quite simple. You don't even need to leave your home and go to the bank branch, since the courier will bring a package of documents to the address you specified.

On average, the time for opening an account is from 1 to 2 days.

To open a brokerage account or IIS, you will need to fill out a short form in which you need to enter your contact information.

Financial instruments

Let's look at what financial instruments the Tinkoff Investments service offers us:

  • Currency... You have the opportunity to buy / sell currencies, among which there are EUR, USD, GBP and so on;
  • shares... When buying a stock, you can view the projected percentage of return for a specific time and decide whether the stock is profitable or not. Purchase of securities is available only on the Moscow and St. Petersburg stock exchanges;
  • Bonds... This position is paid on the maturity date. It is also possible to sell securities at a higher cost than they were purchased;
  • Eurobonds... Securities that are listed on the international market;
  • ETF... Allows an investor with a small capital to start working on a fund diversification strategy. This position implies the purchase of a stake in various campaigns.

Tariffs "Tinkoff Investments"

Users were divided into three categories: Investor, Trader, and Premium. Naturally, these definitions are conditional and indicate the names of tariffs. The terms of cooperation change depending on the chosen tariff.

An important advantage of Tinkoff Investments is the fact that there is no charge for servicing the account. You need to pay only for completed transactions.

You can compare the difference between them in the table below.


Commission for transactions

base commission
0.025% before the close of the exchange after the day's turnover has reached 200 rubles
base commission
from 0.25% to 4% for transactions with over-the-counter foreign securities

Account maintenance per month

- if you do not trade
- if you have a Tinkoff Premium Card
- if the turnover of the previous period is more than 5 million rubles
- if the portfolio is more than 2 million rubles

290₽ in other cases
for portfolios from 3 million rubles
990₽ for portfolios from 1 to 3 million rubles
3 000₽ in other cases

Opening and closing an account, replenishment or withdrawal of funds, depository services

Free optionsFree optionsFree options

Securities catalog

Basic listBasic listBasic list
securities of world exchanges and over-the-counter instruments


Chat and phoneChat and phonePersonal investment manager

Recommendations and analytics

Robot advisorRobot advisorIndividual recommendations from Tinkoff analysts and assistance in the formation of a portfolio

Tariff conditionsTariff conditionsTariff conditions


Any investment is a risk and it is important to understand this. The Tinkoff Bank team using their Tinkoff Investments service allows you to minimize the chance of losing your money through training and the help of professionals.

Thanks to convenient tools, innovations, and full support, Tinkoff Investments for individuals have become much more profitable and reliable.

If you carefully read our article, you could understand that there are a lot of financial instruments that are present in the service. It all depends on your choice and the time you are willing to devote to the process.

We believe that investing in Tinkoff Investments is a good option for distributing funds, as well as an opportunity to try yourself as a trader or investor.

Invest successfully and profitably with RichMonkey.biz! Happy and profitable investment!

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