Between 01.07.2021 and 16.07.2021, our activity will be reduced.

Between 01.07.2021 and 16.07.2021, our activity will be reduced.

Good day, dear partners!

Since 01.07.2021 by 16.07.2021 our activity will be reduced. Give the blog can for several hours a day. There may be delays in the payment of bonuses and compensation. Fresh payments, important news will try to lay out in a timely manner! Do not forget that at any time you can apply in person and ask for advice on any issues that may arise, the selection of an investment portfolio.

Many already know that the summer period is not for active investments; in the summer there are usually few projects worthwhile. Most people leave for planned vacations or rest in their dachas and out of town. Admins are in no hurry to launch good and new projects into the world, more quickly scams without results. Personally, we do not plan to be active, but most of the selected projects on the blog have shown and continue to show good results and there were not so many scams. We will take a closer look at new projects; during this period, projects for smooth development can be launched. Perhaps we will take something worthwhile, but for now we are working with what we have. But after us the autumn period awaits and, as practice shows, this is the best time for highly profitable investments.

Approximately from 17-19 July I will already be in a working environment, but this is not the end of the summer period and you need to spend it with benefit sunglasses , summer is for recreation, this will be the right decision, investments should work for us, but do not forget about the risks and the basic rules of investing. Happy and profitable investment!

Invest with the RichMonkey team and get the best conditions for cooperation in strong projects!

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    We wish you a good rest))
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