Zetbull.com - 2 years online, new payments, representatives program, video presentation!

Zetbull.com - 2 years online, new payments, representatives program, video presentation!

Dear customers!


First of all, we want to start this letter by the fact that in May we crossed the 2-year mark of online work. We congratulated for so long, because just as we wanted to congratulate all our clients on this wonderful event, one of our very reliable partners is Perfect Money notified us of the change in their terms, so we postponed the release of this newsletter and decided to improve our services first.

Let's start with some of the metrics from our investment service. For 2 years more 626,03 млн dollars were deposited and withdrawn by 62 thousand clients in the amount of 303,97 млн dollars. We hope this is just the beginning of our business and we will continue to build trust with our customers.

New payment systems


Over the past month, we have done a great job of connecting new payment systems.

In addition to the cryptocurrencies we have: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash и Bitcoin Cash, we added:

- Stablecoins: Tether USDT TRC20 и Tether USDT ERC20.

- Cryptocurrencies: Dogecoin, Ripple, Tron и Binance Coin.

A month later, we can say with confidence that we have found a real replacement for fiat currencies - stablecoins, especially Tether USDT TRC20 (Tether on the Tron network) due to low fees, transaction speed, full transparency of blockchain technology and the fact that this stablecoin is fully secured. at the expense of real reserves. Each Tether token is also pegged 1: 1 to the dollar.

We really think stablecoins and cryptocurrencies are the future of the market.

These conclusions are not made on the basis of our own feelings, but are really based on the statistics and deposits of our clients, who themselves found a replacement when we offered it.

Brand new ZetBull [Fixed] Crypto section


Secondly, we have added a new feature - the section [Fixed] with fixed rates of cryptocurrencies.

There have been requests for it before, but in the light of recent events, the question has become even stronger.

What is the meaning of this section?

The [Fixed] section is intended for real "Hodlers", for those who like to invest in cryptocurrency and do not depend on its market price. You can read more about this and find out the differences between [Float] и [Fixed]and also see an example in our updated section “Beginning of work».

We are working on updating this page with instructions on cryptocurrency and stablecoin wallets, their replenishment and other useful information.

Regional Representative Program


Thirdly, we launched our own regional representative program.

We offer our applicants fast career growth, unlimited financial opportunities, opportunities to improve their communication skills and additional referral commissions.

If you need advice from an independent person, find a regional representative in your country and feel free to contact him: Regional representatives of ZetBull

Learn more about how to become a regional representative of ZetBull Limited: Apply for a Regional ZetBull Representative

ZetBull video presentation


And finally, we have published the first video presentation of ZetBull, which will help our clients get to know our team and our business even better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4QPR-bvmsc


We thank all the clients who support us and believe in us - this is really important to us. We feel and appreciate it.

We do our best to become the best in the market.

At the moment we are working a lot on other language versions of the site and plan to publish them in the near future.

Sincerely, ZetBull.com

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