Do you know anything about automated trading on the FOREX exchange?

Do you know anything about automated trading on the FOREX exchange?

Offer STARBOT AUTOMATED EXCHANGE ROBOT OVERVIEW, which has established itself as a software proven over the years.

STARBOT - A multicurrency robot or in another way an "advisor" is an add-on that is installed inside the terminal. "Starbot" is a new innovative product for trading in financial markets, all orders are opened based on futures accumulations of volumes for a cluster period, this EA uses several strategies at once, such as medium-term orders for prolonged movements, a grid for building on trend movements, scalping for finding the market in a flat. Each order is carefully analyzed, entry points are determined to achieve the maximum effect.

What do you get by purchasing STARBOT

  • Stable monthly income of 10-15%
  • Withdrawal of funds. At any time you can withdraw all funds from your account to a card, wallet.
  • FREE consulting and service 24/7
  • FREE update of sets and software starbot
  • Private Chat in the telegram channel

What can STARBOT do?

  • Trades on two pairs EURUSD, GBPUSD
  • Analyzes effective signals
  • Opens and closes deals
  • Manages all open trades
  • Works around the clock

Simply put, STARBOT does everything to make money, but without our active participation.


Profitability... Trades quickly and opens trades as soon as it sees a signal. The program is capable of processing hundreds of transactions per day. No leather bag can work at this pace.

Speed... Trading algorithms analyze the situation in a split second and immediately execute a deal. This is important because price changes are recorded in real time, and on dozens of assets at the same time. In such a volatile market as Forex, a person will not succeed.

Accuracy... Human intervention is minimal. This means that the likelihood of mistakes due to emotion or other human factors is drastically reduced.

Greater market coverage... A person can work with several charts at a time, focusing on the main markets. The STARBOT trading robot monitors all markets simultaneously.

What you need to work \ install STARBOT

  • Register with forex4you broker
  • Open an account, make a deposit min 100 $
  • Score: cent.
  • Leverage: 1:1000
  • Time frame: M15
  • Register and purchase a server for forex traders. It will be installed STARBOT
  • Download the Meta.Trader4 application to your phone to track the results of your trade.

Let's now take a closer look at the questions that you may have.

1. What are the requirements for the computer?

Computer requirements are minimal, if only there is Internet access. All actions of the robot take place on a dedicated server. It is connected to it by connecting to a remote desktop on which the Metatrader4 terminal and, accordingly, the robot itself are installed.

2. How reliable is the forex4you broker?

E-Global Trade & Finance Group, Inc (E-GLOBAL) is licensed to provide financial services and is regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC) under the Securities and Investment Business Act, 2010 (SIBA ) operating in the British Virgin Islands.

E-GLOBAL complies with all regulations of the Financial Services Commission (FSC), is governed by the Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA) and is based on three key principles:

  • Transparency of activity;
  • Protection of clients' interests;
  • Activities in accordance with the law

You can read in more detail on the official website:

3. What is MetaTrader4?

The information and trading platform MetaTrader4 is the most widespread in the organization of brokerage services in the financial markets. Functionally, the trading terminal is a full cycle complex and does not require additional software.

There is a mobile application. Download the Metatrader4 app for smartphone and tablet completely free of charge from PlayMarket or AppStore. Application functionality:

  • Opening and closing orders, setting Stop Loss and Take Profit, setting pending orders;
  • View balance, equity and margin (margin);
  • 10 chart periods (time frames): M1, M2, M10, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN;
  • Favorites list and its individual settings;
  • Creation of reports for a given period;
  • Notifications about the opening and closing of trading sessions;
  • Charts: tick and Japanese candlesticks;
  • Switching between trading accounts in one click;
  • Two interface themes: light and dark.

The RD-client (remote desktop) application will also be useful.

4. How is the installation carried out?

The installation of the robot is carried out by a person through remote access to the terminal where Starbot will be installed.

5. What are the trading hours?

One of the features of the Forex market is that it works around the clock from Monday to Friday. Weekends on the market are Saturday and Sunday. most banks do not work (the market is extremely low liquidity these days). As soon as one continent leaves the market, another begins to work.

Job statistics

Anyone interested in investing wants to buy a product and be confident in it. Wants to see clearly how the program worked before.

Below is the statistics for the year Starbot has been in operation.

  • The initial account balance is $ 106. Replenished during the year. The total amount invested was $ 4400 - ± 330 rubles.
  • Start of work 06.2020.
  • The account is cent. Balance for 05.2021 is $ 13 ± 1 009 650,00 руб.
  • Net profit is 205%

Below are the data on account replenishment during the year

Statistics for the last week of May 2021 trade on opening and closing orders.

We plan to start developing this direction on the blog, if our audience has an interest in this product, and who already has questions, ask in the comments and share your opinion, and our partners in the STARBOT robot are ready to personally advise you.

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Комментарии (51)

  1. andreyvahr 18 January 2022 21: 58

    I joined this team for 500 bucks, thanks to Ekaterina for helping with the bot

    A complaint
  2. Irk2 14 January 2022 18: 19

    I also joined the topic, started with $ 600, in a month I’ll blink how much) 

    A complaint
  3. richmonkey 10 January 2022 15: 22

    Pay attention!

    If someone is already interested in the bot or have questions, for advice, you can contact our contacts, or personally in telegrams to our partner @Mobilka_sota

    A complaint
  4. 4difeer666 6 January 2022 03: 28

    Today I finally joined this whole movement, started with $ 700, we will gradually increase

    A complaint
    1. keifor 7 January 2022 23: 49

      Oh eeeee, congratulations !!! 

      Increasing is one thing, but it is better to make some kind of deposit level for yourself, and then withdraw everything from above once a month or three, or upon reaching a certain profit ... 

      You need to feel the money))) and spend on yourself

      Katrin will advise if anything 

      A complaint
      1. 4difeer666 8 January 2022 00: 27

        Well, for now, I definitely want to increase it to 1k, and then we'll see

        A complaint
  5. dmn 2 January 2022 01: 12

    December was good with the old days. 18 percent approximately. It is difficult to calculate exactly due to the conclusions and the changing amount)

    A complaint
  6. levnks 1 January 2022 14: 50

    Thank you for the article. Very interesting, it would be necessary to study in more detail in the new year 


    A complaint
  7. keifor 1 January 2022 04: 36

    December start report. 

    18,1% profit for December or 726ye net from a deposit 4000ye

    I will withdraw as usual when a thousand is typed

    A complaint
  8. keifor 2 December 2021 00: 11

    total for November 

    53% of the deposit 4000ue

    A complaint
  9. keifor 26 November 2021 13: 51

    I did not have time to rejoice at the next 1000 yea in a month and already wanted to withdraw, waiting for the market to calm down, as today the sutra woke up, and the Starbot made another 1000 yea in one day. Flint!!!!! Withdrawn 150000 rubles. Later I will throw off the receipts. Starbot paid back 4deposit in less than 4000 months, now it works only in +++

    A complaint
    1. keifor 26 November 2021 15: 39

      here is the withdrawal itself within 3 hours and no commission 

      A complaint
  10. keifor 23 November 2021 17: 35

    did not have time to fly a month after the last withdrawal of 1000 bucks, as in the month from October 21 to November 21 the Starbot earned another 1000. 

    Now the rate and drawdown will settle down a little up to 15% and I will shoot the next 1000.

    In general, this is of course a fire, to withdraw 4000 bucks from the 1000ue deposit every month? ? ? 

    A complaint
  11. keifor 20 October 2021 10: 52

    I threw 4050 ue on the Starbot in July, now the robot has traded the first 1000 un in excess of the deposit. I adhere to the rules and advice of the girls serving Starbot - to withdraw profits every 1-3 months and therefore withdrawn 1000uy, they were sent to the "tinky" card on the same day. Fire 

    A complaint
    1. keifor 25 October 2021 09: 06

      arrival of a fresh withdrawal the next day 

      A complaint
  12. Tatarin152152 29 September 2021 16: 06

    Interesting article.
    A complaint
  13. ataman 14 August 2021 14: 09

    To whom and where to write? Where are the instructions from scratch for beginners?
    From a series from registration to replenishment
    A complaint
    1. keifor 15 August 2021 00: 55

      look below the comments ... it says there
      A complaint
  14. keifor 1 August 2021 12: 27

    Summer, vacation, fussed, but then I remembered that it would not hurt to spread statistics for a month ...
    Actually stats on my "old" for July ...
    183yye clean
    July is weak, as it turned out, for everyone, but in any case, profit

    A complaint
  15. mobilka 28 June 2021 22: 09

    We flew a little with Starbot. And they earned $ 350 today.
    That week there was volatility on eurusd.
    This is exactly the case when the price dropped by 450 points in one day.
    But the Starbot managed the situation for each partner by following our rules.

    A complaint
    1. keifor 30 June 2021 23: 34

      and on my StarBot I earned 116 ue per day with my balance more modestly))) and about 180 in a week
      A complaint
  16. mobilka 17 June 2021 09: 27

    Yesterday we worked out the norms, 44 $ earned!
    A complaint
  17. mobilka 16 June 2021 09: 00

    Hello everyone. Yesterday we earned $ 28.
    A complaint
  18. mobilka 14 June 2021 05: 13

    Quote: ilya28087
    Understood thanks. I just thought how, in the example, you can throw a hundred square meters and then periodically, for example, every month, throw some amount, for diversification of funds, why not.

    You can do that. You can top up your balance at any time.
    A complaint
  19. ilya28087 12 June 2021 22: 52

    Thanks for the article, I was once interested in this topic before but never tried it. The topic is interesting, especially now, when it is not the HYIP season. The article says that you will need to purchase a "server for forex traders", can you explain for a teapot what it is and how much does it cost?)
    A complaint
    1. keifor 13 June 2021 00: 53

      I mean a remote desktop server, so that the starbot works around the clock while the exchange is working ... There is no point in keeping, for example, a laptop open in working order around the clock, it's easier to rent a remote ... 250 rubles a month a remote desktop costs ...
      But it is usually easier for a thousand, for example, to throw and forget for 4 months
      A complaint
      1. ilya28087 13 June 2021 01: 26

        But I still did not understand how much the bot itself costs, because I did not see information about this in the article. And is it advisable to start with a minimum wage ($ 100) or is it better if you go to a bigger bag?
        A complaint
        1. richmonkey 13 June 2021 20: 59

          For cost and advice, contact by contact, I believe that you need to start at least 1000 $
          A complaint
        2. keifor 13 June 2021 22: 44

          Once I started with 100ue, you can, of course, go in with a hundred, but if you drop it and forget it for a year ...
          But as rich wrote, bigger is better ...
          From 1000 yea in a year the bot made me 4250 clean,
          And according to the cost, Ekaterina will guide you (mobilka_sota)
          A complaint
          1. ilya28087 13 June 2021 23: 35

            Understood thanks. I just thought how, in the example, you can throw a hundred square meters and then periodically, for example, every month, throw some amount, for diversification of funds, why not.
            A complaint
            1. keifor 14 June 2021 13: 00

              Also as an option, as many do - they throw it in the process ...
              A complaint
  20. mobilka 10 June 2021 11: 20

    Starbot, pleases me with a daily profit)) Guys, join me, ready to answer all the questions, telegrams @Mobilka_sota
    A complaint