10 signs of good hype

Truly there is not and can not be any clear instructions on the choice of HYIP. Otherwise, they would take it as a basis for everything, follow it and learn the beauty of a permanent income without any extra effort. There is no such. But there are basic signs that give a promising project.

For each HYIP there is a minimum program, that gentleman's set, without which it is difficult to imagine the normal work of the site. First of all, it is DDoS protection and SSL. DDoS protection ensures that the project site is always available. SSL - provides security when transferring your login and password (in the address bar you will see “https: //” in green).

If we didn’t take care of this during the creation - you can immediately go past. Well, if DDoS-protection and SSL is present, study the project more closely. When investing in HYIPs, it is more important not to hit the jackpot more, but to meet less scams. Therefore, all arguments will be conducted from the position of "what should scare away." Go.

1. Marketing

The most interesting point is what percentage of profit is offered by HYIP. The desire to get more pulls in Fasti, excessive caution - in low-percentage. But you need to look not only at the yield, but at the forethought in the preparation of plans. Bad when:

  • there are non-working plans, for example, with a minimum amount of input from 10 000 $ and more;
  • a plan with a higher entry threshold offers lower returns than plans for smaller amounts. Alternatively: 1 plan - 10% in 3 of the day (for amounts from 1 $ to 500 $), 2 plan - 15% in 6 days (for amounts from 501 $ to 1000 $);
  • crossing plans for entry amounts, for example: the first 1 plan takes amounts from 10 $ to 100 $, the second - from 50 $ to 500 $;
  • Too high interest rates (typical for fasts), for example, 20% per day for 10 days. There is another option when new plans are constantly being added to the center, and each time the percentage is higher and higher;
  • plans from low, medium and high percentages in one project: 2% for 10 days (contribution at the end), 102,5% every other day (contribution included), 3,5% for 30 days (contribution included).

Strong project will calculate the income of a percentage 

Some of the mistakes in marketing do not affect the work of the HYIP as critically as, for example, non-working plans, and then you need to look at other possible mistakes. But the presence of miscalculations in the mathematics of accruals is always particularly alarming.

2. Panic resistance

Panic in the project can occur for various reasons. This may be an empty wallet in the profile, which must be indicated to receive payments. Maybe for a while the "fallen off" payment system, Perfect Money from time to time is spent on technical work. For projects with instant payouts, this often ends in a scam. Black pads can also be connected.

Panic leads to massive exits from the project 

Regardless of the cause of the panic, this has a negative effect. And if HYIP allows you to withdraw funds at any time - a wave of panic will quickly destroy the project. It is easy to raise a wave where instant or manual payments are claimed, but with a small time limit.

Projects with short plans (fasts) and piggy-bank projects that allow you to withdraw funds at any time, even with a fine, are least resistant to panic.

3. Legend

The very concept of activity in HYIP is by default mythical. And yet it is impossible not to pay attention to this. A well-thought-out legend, supported at least by the appearance of an activity, is worth something. For HYIPs who apply themselves as a forex broker, these are reports on brokers trading, for HYIPs engaged in trading or providing services - photos of offices, goods, licenses on the site.

To demonstrate the offices of companies involve actors 

Naturally, all this will be nothing more than a theatrical production, but still the level of presentation of the legend determines the level of preparation. The presence of errors, both in the texts themselves and in the composed legend, should be scared away. Therefore, do not be lazy to at least quickly review the section "About the Company."

The presence of the video, as part of the legend - the pleasure is not cheap. Again, look, there are blunders on the video, do not fall for sweet advertising slogans.

And also a demonstration of a HYIP made on the knee - copied parts of the text from other projects with a similar legend. Today it is easily checked through search engines. It will not be superfluous before making a decision on the contribution.

4. Live technical support, contacts

In addition to the credibility of the legend, it is worthwhile to evaluate the work of technical support, the performance of these contacts on the site. A long answer or lack of it is already a fat minus. The presence of template answers and the inability to explain the nuances - also write in the minus. There are different situations: the money is not credited to the account, then the conclusion of the problem. And if support can not help, it is present "for show".

Live tech support is one of the hallmarks of good training 

If you already specified non-working contacts (mail, phone, skype), then everything is clear. The scenery is hung, the actors have forgotten to call.

5. Script

Own script may require from the creators of large investments. It may require, but more often we see total savings on this.

Only individual projects have their own script. 

Here we only note that even if the standard Gold Coders or H-Script script is taken, then the minimum should be a license. You can check for a license on the official websites selling these scripts. Investors with experience look at the script immediately and often unsubscribe in the forums and in the comments on the blogs, if it is not licensed.

6. Design

It's all very subjective. It is not welcomed when the same images and photographs are used in the design in the second circle - this becomes noticeable with experience. And you can also try to find it using Google Images.

Good design is not a guarantee of reliability. Watch projects 

Also should alert the overlapping elements in the design, too bright acid colors in the design, illogical menu. Simply put, if there are annoying moments when you first enter the project, at least some of the buttons do not work, the interface is too complex, there are a lot of animations, because of which the site periodically hangs up - it is better to pass by. Or, as an option, take under surveillance to see if and how shortcomings will be corrected.

7. Verified Wallet

In fact, a foolish thing. It is not hard to buy a verified wallet today, everything is on stream. And it doesn't cost that much. But beginners and not only beginners admins often sin with this. Either forget, or save - it does not matter. A project wallet is usually visible when creating a deposit - pay attention to it.

It also happens that they use a verified wallet, but which was previously used in another project. For the Perfect Money wallet, there will be a high Trust Score from the very start of the project, which is a sign of use earlier. By the number of a Bitcoin wallet, you can see both transactions and amounts that have already passed through the wallet.

All operations on any Bitcoin wallet are publicly available. 

The easiest option is to drive the data of any wallet into Yandex or Google. Investors are constantly posting payments - this way you can immediately see in which other hype the wallet was used. It looks ridiculous, but as admins impersonate, you can understand what the past project was with the admin and how he worked. In any case, reuse a single wallet write in the negative.

8. Number of monitors, advertising

No project will live long, if from the very start an active promotion in all possible directions begins. By mistake, new investors may think that once a lot of advertising has been bought, these are investments that need to be returned, and therefore the project will work and work.

Buying advertising requires the right approach. 

Yes, you need to recoup all costs. But you need to understand that the term of work is influenced not by the number of advertising banners on various monitors and blogs, but by the timeliness of their purchase. With intensive promotion from the very start, there will subsequently be nowhere to take a fresh influx of investment - which is a verdict for any hype.

9. Size of partnership rewards

Another element of promotion. It needs to be evaluated inextricably with the marketing project. Remuneration of more than 15%, firstly, creates a large load on the project for payments (especially in fasts), secondly, in the pursuit of a coin, all partners are actively involved in advertising, which can spoil the plans of any admin.

Pay attention to reward partners 

The standard remuneration for partners is 7-10%. If the figure is more, look at the profitability of the project. Too high profitability both in the plans and in the partner ones should lead to very specific thoughts.

10. Availability of languages, coverage of a large number of countries

As one of the elements of attracting new investors, the beginning of the project's advancement in new countries. Again, for long-term work, the exit at once in all countries is the worst solution. Everything is done gradually.

Follow the expansion of the circle of investors from different countries;

The emergence of a new language is good - it requires the services of a translator (if you know the newly introduced language, you can check the quality of the translation). Only not so simple. Any innovations, stocks are perceived as a wake-up call for investors. And for good reason. The introduction of a language without conducting an advertising campaign in a country for which a new language has been introduced does not give anything - therefore, it can be used by administrators to mislead. If possible, it is worth checking whether the project appeared on foreign monitors simultaneously with the language input.

It is worth evaluating projects for all these features in a complex. You need to understand that just great design and good marketing is not a guarantee of success. When selecting, check all available information about the project, read reviews, but analyze yourself. And do it during the whole time of the project. If there is even one doubt, it is better to say “stop” to yourself.

For a HYIP investment, there is a very good saying: “It’s better today to count lost profit than to calculate losses tomorrow.” Therefore, approach the selection of good HYIPs with a cool head, do not pursue large percentages - look for stability.

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