- Insurance fund increased to $ 1000.

Great news on the project, from the general fund of the blog we increased perpetual insurance to 1000$... Investing just got safer! Our blog offers a great opportunity to earn money for everyone! A truly old-timer of our blog, with whom we have been working for a little more 2 years. Partisan project that works in quiet mode already 8 year! Currently, the project should be considered as a good option for diversification, since stable low-income people should be present in your portfolio as a financial pillow, which will be very handy among many promising fasts and middlemen. In general, we can conclude that in almost 8 years of uninterrupted payments, the project has proved its worth and has a positive reputation among investors.

And still the bonus from each deposit in the amount of 0.5%.

Invest with the RichMonkey team and get the best conditions for cooperation in strong projects!

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  1. ilya28087
    01.04.2021 18:13
    I have not entered the project yet, perhaps this is a sign)
  2. 4difeer666
    29.03.2021 18:25
    Great news, additional protection for newcomers to the project
  3. AlexanderKudrya8027
    28.03.2021 12:49
    Good news, I hope this insurance is not useful))