Competition from "Defender of the Fatherland Day". Prize fund - $ 200

Competition from "Defender of the Fatherland Day". Prize fund - $ 200

Congratulations on Defender of the Fatherland Day! Always remain strong, confident and courageous no matter what it may be. For our team, we have prepared a competition with a prize fund in $200!


Bank returns - a new high-quality, highly profitable project with aggressive marketing and advertising campaign. Preparation of the external and technical part of the project at a decent level. All the necessary popular payment systems with instant payments are present. Development is just beginning, but already quite actively, both Russian-language and foreign blogs are connected. In case of losses, insurance will be allocated in the amount of 1 000 $, and you can also increase your income by ordering a bonus from us in the amount of + 5 % from your deposit. Our deposit in the project $500.

Im Finance - a highly profitable project with a piggy bank marketing that worked in the shadows for three months. We believe that the active phase of development is just beginning, but we do not observe mass buying of advertising. The project website is made with high quality, in a minimalist style and easy to use, and investment is available using a set of the most popular payment systems. Order a bonus from us, which is + 5 % from your deposit. Our investment in the project amounted to $500.

SB Capital - a new interesting mid-income marketing project, which was divided into three types. A variety of investment plans for every taste and wallet. To date, the project is in the shadows and, by and large, has not yet entered the active phase. There is no advertising from the word at all. Present at only one monitoring. We believe that you can enter and test with adequate amounts. We remind you that the deposits of investors in our blog are insured for $500 and the bonus from us is + 5 % from your deposit. Our deposit in the project amounted to $500.

Infinity - a new highly profitable project with piggy bank marketing. The execution of the project is at a high level both in terms of design and technology. It is important to set an adequate level, learn to take profit wherever possible. In case of losses under the project, insurance is valid for 1 000 $ and we provide a deposit bonus in the form + 4 %... We invested in the project $500.

Competition "Pull a ticket"

We decided to arrange a lottery for our team in honor of February 23rd. The rules are very simple and everyone has a good chance. Prize fund of the competition $200!

Results of the competition "Pull the ticket"

The results of the competition were summed up in the table: Contest Results Table.

The correct cells can be viewed here:

  • Conditions for the "Pull the ticket" competition

We wish you all the best in the competition!

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