- Bounty, Perfect Money, Payeer and Ethereum! - Bounty, Perfect Money, Payeer and Ethereum!

Some more good news: the list of supported fiat systems and cryptocurrencies has been updated, and a bounty program with generous bonuses has been launched!

Now you can make direct payments using Perfect Money on BitPerformance (before PM was only available through Paywex), we also added the Payeer payment system and support for the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Investments are still available from $ 10 or 0,01 ETH, and the minimum withdrawal amount is just $ 0,1. The withdrawal limit for Ethereum coins may vary depending on the current network load.

Additionally, we organized a bounty for users with an active deposit and a subscription to the Telegram channel @bitperformance... Just select the task in the "Bounty», Review the requirements, take the necessary steps, and submit a confirmation request. Within 24 hours after submitting your request, you will receive a cash reward directly to your account balance.

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Комментарии (4)

  1. matrix2000 13 February 2021 22: 42

    new payments are always good!
    A complaint
  2. 4difeer666 7 February 2021 13: 55

    Less commission - more profit, this is always good, the project has entered an active phase
    A complaint
  3. AlexanderKudrya8027 6 February 2021 15: 39

    Pleases development. The project is only gaining momentum
    A complaint
  4. ilya28087 6 February 2021 12: 52

    In principle, before it was not a problem to make a deposit through Payvex, but now you can directly from the PM, which is much more convenient, besides, you do not pay extra commissions, and their "Bounty" is also a good idea)
    A complaint