- New Customizable Investment Plan Announcement!

At FinaCrypto, we continually strive to simplify and improve the investment process, opening up new and more ambitious opportunities for our investors.

Today we are thrilled to announce a complementary and more customizable investment plan to be included in your portfolio. This new plan is called “Flexi”, And, as the name suggests, its main advantage is flexibility in terms of the investment period and interest rate.

Our new investment plan Flexi is designed with an initial investment period of 5 daysthat can be easily extended to 35 days.

Interest rate starts at 0.6%, however, depending on the selected period, it can be gradually increased up to 1.3% Bonus terms and conditions apply.

The payment schedule is similar to our other Mini or Medi investment plans. Interest is calculated and accrued daily, and the principal amount is returned to the investor at the end of the investment period.

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  1. 4difeer666
    04.02.2021 15:47
    I made a deposit for this plan with the maximum slider, let's see what happens
  2. matrix2000
    03.02.2021 00:28
    the opening of new projects pleases .. success to everyone ..
    1. ilya28087
      03.02.2021 15:12
      If only the old ones do not close so quickly, as sometimes happens))
      1. AlexanderKudrya8027
        03.02.2021 20:44
        I think that there are more long-term periods on the blog than there are fast ones, well, there are not so many of them. Work out +- good
        1. 4difeer666
          04.02.2021 15:43
          It depends on what is considered fast, there are doublers, there are simply highly profitable ones, nevertheless, such projects are extremely rare on the blog, after all, the audience is not for them.
  3. AlexanderKudrya8027
    02.02.2021 20:02
    How to close the depot into the background, I'll immediately throw it on this
  4. 4difeer666
    01.02.2021 16:37
    Thanks for the news!