- We have added Bitcoin, Tether ERC-20 and TRC-20.

Your personal BitPerformance account now has even more payment options! Open deposits not only through Paywex: we have added to the platform Bitcoin, and also tokens Tethersupporting standards ERC-20 и TRC-20... From now on, you will be able to increase your BTC and USDT assets at a rate of 2,16% to 4,32% per day, in line with your fiat money investments.

The minimum deposit amount is 0,001 BTC or $ 10 in Tether stablecoins. Withdrawals to a personal wallet are available from 0,001 BTC, 1 USDT for TRC-20 and a dynamic amount depending on the network load for ERC-20.

Please note that the activation of the cryptocurrency deposit occurs automatically after the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain of the selected coin: for transfers in bitcoins - after 1 confirmation, and for investing through Tether of both standards - after 5 confirmations.

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  1. 4difeer666
    01.02.2021 16:38
    Thank you news, we are waiting for the next news from the project!
  2. AlexanderKudrya8027
    31.01.2021 16:21
    Interestingly, the project is developing, it is interesting what the pair will connect next
    1. ilya28087
      03.02.2021 15:01
      It will be very useful, because now, of course, you can replenish through their paywex, but for this you need PM, and I replenish it through Payeer, directly, even if it would be much more convenient with a small commission)