Reader Poll: Do you need sports betting and casino gambling?

We do not expect a miracle and are constantly developing our blog to provide interesting, high-quality and useful content for our readers. We try our best for you and offer excellent investment projects, large insurance coverage, current HYIP news digests, contests and competent educational articles. But there are many areas of earnings on the Internet and I would like to discuss in detail the most promising of them.

At the moment, we are thinking about starting to add reviews of bookmakers, casinos, analysis of betting strategies and provide real game predictions to the blog. However, we need to know how necessary this is for our audience. Help us and take a short survey and, if you wish, leave a short feedback. Every voice is important to us!;)

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How do you feel about sports betting and casino gaming?

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  1. 4difeer666
    17.01.2021 13:42
    Personally, I used to have a passion for betting, but over time that excitement went away, and it did not always work out well, I will be happy to watch the course of events if they are still added to the blog
  2. gilew455
    16.01.2021 17:42
    You can try to study with a bookmaker, but somehow I would like to casino because I tried my luck only in real life with a negative result.
  3. akimskate
    15.01.2021 09:20
    I don't know why, but somehow I always had a negative attitude towards betting, casinos and bookmakers. Although in my environment there are people who actively bet on sports, and sometimes quite successfully, but in the end it all comes down to approximately zero result. In general, if such a section appeared on the blog, maybe I would look there for interest, but I would hardly become an active user.
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    1. AlexanderKudrya8027
      16.01.2021 20:05
      I fully agree with you. I came into HYIPs myself because there are fewer risks and you need to be able to analyze any project, and a casino is just luck