- A real-time payment page and promotional video release.

Dear platform users Tokenizer!

This is a short news update.

First of all, you may have noticed that we have added a new short video explaining what Tokenizer is and what we can offer our users. The video has been added to the main page, but you can also find it on our Youtube channel. Here is a direct link to the video if you missed promotional video tokenizer

We are also working on creating a longer video guide for new users to help them understand how to work with the platform.

As our users ask us about payment confirmation, we decided to add a special page with an indication of all payments made for any user. The link to the page is located at the top of the main page. You can check it by going to page Live Payouts. Any transaction is tied to a public book - Blockchain.

A translation has been added to Koreanto become the sixth version of the website available on English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish и german. We strive to make our site truly multilingual.

Our support team works non-stop in the chat without the participation of users via chat and email, but we still get a lot of issues related to reinvestment from the balance on the account, and we would like to explain here how it works.

If you have funds in your balance, and this amount is within the minimum allowed for investments, you can use it to add to your existing deposit. Just click "Add funds menu", check the available balance and enter this amount and click "Add funds". The system will check your amount and automatically activate this deposit. Again, your deposit will work until it reaches 150% ROI.

For more information about investments, available currencies, reviews, etc. You can contact our support agents.

Have a nice week.

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