The best HYIP projects of spring 2020

The best HYIP projects of spring 2020

At the end of 2020, it would be nice to remember which projects brought profit.

We have prepared a rating of the best investment projects for the spring of 2020.


We continue with the slightly forgotten heading of the best projects. This time, the next in line are the best projects of spring 2020, which were on our blog, and showed good results.

About the selection of the best hype projects

I would like to clarify: by what principle we chose projects for rating.

Projects were selected according to the following criteria:

  • the project should have been on our blog from March to May 2020;
  • profitability was taken into account exclusively for completed circles and available tariff plans (excluding marketing piggy banks and indefinite term);
  • places were allocated without taking into account the bonus from our blog;
  • only the spring months were taken into account in the profit calculation.

The best HYIP projects of spring 2020

We pass directly to the rating of the best projects in spring 2020, which were on our blog.

1) Vitrade

In the first place in our rating was a cricket project called Vitrade, with whom we have been working since February and which has shown excellent results.

Marketing of this investment project made it possible to earn from 1.5% to 2.4% daily indefinitely with the possibility of withdrawing the deposit after 15 or 30 days, depending on the selected tariff. We participated in the project in the spring for just over two months and during this period it was possible to earn from + 99% to + 158.4% of net profit... The interest of our team was at a good level. Total invested 5 852 $!

We express our gratitude to the admin for the good work and profit!

2) Monelo

The second place is also taken by the crypto project, but already under the name Monelo, which was led by a well-known experienced administration.

The investment proposal of the project consisted of a single tariff that offered to earn 3% on workdays and 1% on weekends indefinitely with the possibility of withdrawing a deposit with a penalty of -10%. In the spring, the project was on our blog for only 26 days, but during this period it managed to bring + 51% net income taking into account the penalty for early withdrawal of the deposit. Our team actively supported the project. It was invested 7 481 $!

We are always glad to see projects from this team on our blog. Thanks for the profit!

3) Hexland

The third place was taken by an investment project called Hex land with an unusual legend of activity.

The abundance of investment plans was for every taste and wallet. We see no point in displaying all of them, but you could earn net profit from + 50.7% to + 63% depending on the selected tariff. The team supported the project at a high level. Our partners have invested in total 27 209 $!

The project administration has once again demonstrated excellent results.

4) Anterius

Many underestimated this piggy bank project, but the admin showed his desire and ability to work. Anterius goes further in our ranking.

The only investment plan offered to earn 4% daily for 50 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term, but there was the possibility of withdrawing the body of the deposit at any time with a penalty of -10%. The final profitability for the spring was + 50% net income including the withdrawal penalty. Our team didn’t accept the project and it was a great waste.

In general, the admin of the TOP-ovo worked, but he appeared on the blog a little late. In any case, we express our gratitude to the admin for a good job!

5) Alysdax

Project called Alysdax showed a result that is not what everyone expected, but there is a profit and quite good. Due to this, it is deservedly located in our rating.

Marketing consisted of many tariffs, but the actual ones were from 30 to 90 days. In total, we have 1-2 fully completed circles, which allowed us to earn from + 46.68% to + 58.2% of net profit... Our team took an active part in the project. Total invested 11 927 $!

Despite the fact that the result was shown not what we expected, there was an opportunity to make money.

6) Fun Fishermen 2

Economic game Fun Fishermen 2: the second season showed excellent results for just over half a year and earned a place in our TOP.

The essence of the game was to buy playable characters - fishermen, who brought both active and passive income. You could earn in the spring from + 40% to + 80% of net profit depending on the selected tariff. Our team took an active part in the game. It was invested 20 898 $!

Thanks to the admin for the profit! By the way, a new project from this administration called Kladoiskateli and we hope to make good money here.

7) Exway

Next in our ranking is a project with perpetual marketing called Exway from an experienced administration.

Marketing habitual for this with perpetual charges as 6% daily allowed me and the team to earn + 32% net income... Our partners supported the project at a decent level by investing in total 9 369 $!

As always, the admin makes a profit for complex marketing. It looks like something went wrong this time. Overclocked at the start apparently. But there is a profit for the former.

8) Dogeminers

The next step is again a project with unlimited marketing, but this time the name is Dogeminers.

The only valid tariff was 6% daily for an unlimited periodwhich allowed to earn in 21 days + 26% net income... The project was poorly supported by our team. Total invested 1 107 $!

Despite the starting perezakidon, tk. the admin bought everyone, still he was able to make money.

9) Limpid Capital

Project Limpid capital was added to our blog while being in quiet mode and rebranding over time. In general, he demonstrated good work and earned a place in the best projects of spring 2020.

According to the current plan after rebranding, which offered to earn 0.8% daily for 30 days with the return of the deposit at the end of the term, it was possible to go through one circle in the spring and earn + 24% net income.

Thank you for your good work and profit!

10) Cashmarine

The first season of the economic game Cashmarine demonstrated a good result and was deservedly added to our rating.

The essence of the game was to buy ships, which later brought passive income. There were a lot of tariffs, but according to the actual ones it was possible to complete one circle in the spring and earn from + 21% to + 68% of net profit... Our team played actively here. Total invested 4 570 $!

The administration once again demonstrates the desire and ability to work, for which we express our gratitude!

11) 8bit

There is still a place in our list for the real TOP among low-income projects 8bit, which has been fulfilling its obligations to investors for two years.

Marketing, which consists of five tariffs, made it possible to earn in the spring from + 18% to + 24% of net profit... Our teams continue to experience increased interest in him. Invested for today 72 915 $!

By the way, the project continues to delight its audience with stable interest rates and instant payments.

Profitability table

For clarity, we decided to create a table in which you can see the projects for which you could make money in the spring of 2020.

PS We have chosen a time period from 01.03.20 to 31.05.20... The number of completed laps is taken into account depending on the selected current tariff plan. Some projects had many plans, so they did not add them to the table. The penalty for withdrawing the body of the deposit in the piggy banks is taken into account.

#ProjectWorked in the springCompleted circlesNet profit %
1Vitrade66 days-+ 99-158.4%
2Monelo25 days-+ 51 %
3Hex land39 days1-13 laps+ 50.7-63%
4Anterius15 days-+ 50 %
5Alysdax89 days1-2 laps+ 46.8-58.2%
6Fun Fishermen 292 day1-4 laps+ 40-80%
7Exway22 day-+ 32 %
8Dogeminers21 day-+ 26 %
9Limpid capital38 days1 circle+ 24 %
10Cashmarine92 day1 circle+ 21-68%
118bit92 day1-3 laps+ 18-24%


As you can see, over the spring there were enough projects on our blog, which gave a good opportunity to earn money. We hope that it was interesting for you to refresh your memory and remember the best projects of spring 2020.

Seasonality in the HYIP industry should never be ruled out. It is imperative to diversify your money wisely.

Thank you for staying with us! We always try to offer the most favorable investment conditions for our partners.

Invest successfully and profitably with!

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