Why low-income HYIPs stopped working

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Low incomes - the most cash projects ??

I remember a time when low-income HYIPs worked for themselves and worked, slowly but surely collecting huge cash registers. Such projects could work for years, bringing investors a small but stable profit! Now the situation has changed radically. We can already safely say that the market of low incomes is now at the end of its existence, investors have finally lost interest in such projects.

What happened? Why low-income HYIP stopped working? There is a rational explanation for everything!

Leaders dictate new rules

Everyone remembers the legendary Lara (Larawith.me, 3% per day indefinitely)! At that time, an indefinite plan with such interest seemed very bold and risky, both for the admin and for investors, because almost no project at that time offered a daily yield above 2,5%, taking into account the deposit. Even if they were, they did not affect the industry and did not leave a trace in history.

Larawith.me - trend for profitability

But Lara is another matter! It began with a race to increase the profitability of projects. Since then, the profitability of projects is growing rapidly. Now, no one will be surprised and 5% per day, and projects with a yield below 3% per day are no longer considered interesting and (ATTENTION!) Low-income, even though they are not! What to say about really low-income HYIPs, which offer about 1% per day, taking into account the deposit, where break-even occurs at least in two months. As practice shows, the modern investor is not ready to wait so much.

HYIP market is becoming more dynamic. Investor interests change with the speed of thought. If the trend set by Lara does not turn in the opposite direction in the near future, then the traditional low incomes will soon completely disappear.

Investors want more

If we sum up the results of the aforesaid, then a single conclusion suggests itself: in the current situation, the investors themselves are responsible for the decline in interest in low-income HYIPs! The reason for all this was the banal desire of investors to earn more! Voting with the dollar in favor of high interest rates, investors, without even noticing it, took the industry to a new level.

Investors want more!

Without the support of investors, Lara would not be able to achieve high results and set an example for her followers and imitators. In the end, everything would have remained as before: low interest rates, long breakeven, minimum profit and traditional low-income HYIPs, which, against the background of all this, would look quite optimal. But what to be is not to be avoided: interest is growing, low incomes disappear and you are to blame for this :).

Cryptocurrency vs low income HYIPs

Another, no less important, reason for the decline in interest in low incomes is the significant growth of the cryptocurrency market. Recall that everyone has long known Bitcoin cryptocurrency since the beginning of the year has risen in price by 3 times (by 200%). And its closest competitor, Ethereum, which is gaining popularity over the same period, at least has risen in price by as much as 35: by 3400%, you can ohrenet :) Naturally, such profits are much more attractive than those that offer low-income HYIPs. Investing is much safer, since the cryptocurrency market over a long distance shows stable growth and the probability of losing at least half of the cost tends to zero, while a low-yielding hyip can close at any second without ever paying.

Bitcoin takeoff

Thus, it becomes obvious that investing in the cryptocurrency sector is much more profitable than in low-income HYIPs and as a result we see what we see - low-income companies are slowly dying out. Delay their extinction can, except that a sudden crisis in the cryptocurrency market, but the crisis does not smell there at all.


Low incomes go and maybe even forever, but I personally am not going to mourn them! The industry is changing, which means it is developing, and thank God! And, really, what's the point of waiting for breakeven for several months? For me personally, this is not at all high, but what about you? :)

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  1. I agree that as soon as I started to invest, I adhered to the rules of diversification, as in books, I should have a low income in the portfolio, I thought, and you can make a large amount of deposit in it and don’t soar, in the end I found one, waited 4 for a month and it closed, although I was also with real offices, even in that month, when many other projects did not please me with their work either, as a result, the low income man, whom I expected to drive me at a loss, also, hammered the last nail into the wall of my patience. I thought yes well with his forest), I waited for 4 for the month and finally also in the minus, well at least I went to 100 $, but there was also a thought at the start there would be more money for 1000 $ and thank God I don’t have It was. After that, there were a couple of low-income projects that I decided to watch, in the end, almost all closed, never reaching breakeven, and those that did - brought a very meager profit, despite the fact that the period was huge, I thought - uh no . After that, I firmly decided that the base of my portfolio would be high percentages and fasts, and the wheels were spinning. Von DDFutures is a vivid example of this, now low incomes, as this high percentage does not live so much. I do not have an open rule, it is better to make a deposit in fast than in a low-income project, in the first case you at least quickly understand you are in flight or in profit)
  2. Just a month or two ago, I would not agree with this article, and even now my opinion is different. Of course, the higher the percentage, the faster you earn, but the chances of losing are much higher, so I try to diversify the portfolio at different percentages, but again, this is purely my personal opinion, because I can indulge in food and fast food)))
  3. I’m not the only one who is reassuring)) I don’t want to invest in low-income companies, especially since many of them do not live for a long time. Only after this article I understood why!
    I can not decide to buy a cryptocurrency, the American dollar is somehow more familiar, or something. It is necessary to be rearranged gradually.
    Thanks for the article, there is something to think about. smile
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