- Development Roadmap for November.

Dear users, we publish a roadmap for development for the next 30 days.

27.10 - Adding cryptocurrencies to withdraw the balance from the game
30.10 - Increased availability of the ship lvl 2 up to 2 pcs.
01.11 - Launch of new contests for reformers and investors
04.11 - Increased availability of lvl 5 and 6 ships. up to 3 pcs.
07.11 - Adding a new section "Video reviews"
10.11 - Adding ships with dollar charges. Adding dollar balances to the game.
13.11 - Rank system update
17.11 - Increased availability of the ship lvl 4 up to 3 pcs.
23.11 - Adding a mini-game "Lottery"
25.11 - Adding 8 lvl. ship with availability of 1 piece.

We would like to appeal to new participants who, in search of an alternative to the sensational games, find our game.

Do not despair, the main advantages of our game are systematic development, a reliable and balanced game system and a team that not only in words, but also in deeds conducts honest work.

Sincerely, The

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  1. palmerad1987
    29.11.2020 21:21
    Ya dejo de pagar
  2. Stefanil
    26.11.2020 13:17
    Great news, we will observe the long-term work of the project)
  3. 4difeer666
    13.11.2020 17:53
    Great plans, I'm waiting for Port, I think you can still reinvest before it
  4. matrix2000
    02.11.2020 22:56
    It's great that the project is developing, but I think it's too late to enter right now