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Deposit Bonus:



1200 $
  • Min. contribution: 10 $
  • Min. output: 1$
  • Yield: from 4% per day
  • Ref. program: 6% - 2%
  • Start date: 20.09.2020
  • Have worked: 29 days
  • Added to blog: 07.10.2020
  • Monitor: 12 days
Payment systems
Manual - Time limit up to 24 hours type of payment
The project stopped payments (scam 20.10.2020). Fund amount - 1200 $$. Order compensation.
  • Important information before ordering a bonus

Increasingly, there is a continuing trend for projects with piggy bank marketing. Investors fell in love with such solutions due to the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit body. Reviewed project called Nitro-X falls into this category. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the project in more detail in our detailed text review.

Execution of the investment project at a high level both in terms of design and technology.

Investment project Nitro-X kicked off 20 September 2020... Displayed the project in the heading “Off Blog” by 21.09.20 from the very start and after a while added the project to the blog.

Nitro-X is an investment company specializing in trading in the financial markets.

Piggy bank trend since the beginning of 2020! We have added to the blog a foreign highly profitable person with the function of a piggy bank, who has been proving his solvency for 2 weeks already. This project was reflected in the heading off blog from 21.09.2020. The first investors already had the opportunity to receive up to 50% of the net profit. Active advertising began just a few days ago. Prepared at a decent level, the project's website is designed in a minimalist style and easy to use, and investment is available using a set of the most popular payment systems. Since this money box - deposit can be withdrawn to Any moment, a great point is the function of the early withdrawal of the deposit with commission at 15%practically ABSOLUTE FREEDOM for the investor! It is important to set an adequate level, learn to take profit wherever possible. We always adhere to the diversification rules, we do not deposit the entire amount, we distribute it among projects and leave it for a new one, which, perhaps, is about to appear. Have a successful and profitable investment!

Project marketing

Investment offer of the company Nitro-X consists of 1 plan. A key feature of marketing is that the tariff works on the principle of a piggy bank, that is, the body of the deposit can be withdrawn at any time with a fine.

The only tariff offers to earn 4% daily for 25 days with the return of the body of the deposit at the end of the investment period, but there is the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit with a penalty of -15%.

The minimum deposit amount is $ 10. The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1. In the investment project, payments are in manual mode (application processing regulations up to 24 hours).

Tariff nameReturnInterest accrualTerm of depositDeposit amountReturn of depositTotal returnNet profit

4% daily for 25 days

4% per daycalendar days25 daysfrom $ 10at any time -15%200%100% + 5% our bonus = 105%

We remind you that the project from our blog allocated perpetual insurance fund in the amount of 1200 $$... Thanks to which the investment in the project will be even safer.

Do not forget to order a refback for the project in the amount of 5% from your contribution. To order a bonus from a deposit, go to the page: order refbek and fill out the form.

Video review Nitro-X

The first 10 people who share their deposit in the comments to the video and indicate their login on our blog will receive bonus 1 $! Only our partners can participate!


Partner program in the project Nitro-X two-level. You can receive additional cash bonuses for achieving a certain turnover of the structure. There is no opportunity to improve the affiliate program.

Standard Affiliate Program:

  • Remuneration: 6% - 2% from deposits of your partners;
  • Conditions: You need to register on the site.

Instruction manual

We prepared detailed instructions for working with this investment project, in which we displayed: account registration, a step-by-step guide on creating a deposit, as well as withdrawing funds.

  • Register
  • Making a deposit
  • Withdrawal of funds

Write Your Review

Nitro-X I was able to leave behind an extremely positive impression. There are assumptions about an experienced administration, but unfortunately we have no information.

We are offered to earn 4% daily for 20 days with a refund of the deposit at the end of the term, but there is the possibility of early withdrawal of the deposit with a penalty of -15%.

The external and technical aspects of the site are made at a high level.

We always adhere to the rules of diversification, do not deprive the entire amount, distribute it on projects and leave it on a new one, which may be about to appear. Successful and profitable investment!

Risk reminder

Investing is always risky. It is very important to always remember and understand this. The above company is no exception, so it will not be superfluous to remind you of the main investment rules:

  • Never invest in After-plans with high returns, where the payment of the deposit and interest is at the end of the term. You will not receive payment for such plans (example 6500% after 100 days)
  • Diversify your cash. Simply put, don't invest the entire amount in one project.
  • The higher the percentage of return, the greater the risks. Do not forget to withdraw funds from the project immediately after accruals.
  • Before investing, check the status of the project.
  • Do not invest borrowed money.
  • Get ready to lose money and participate in free money.

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Our profit schedule
Our contribution

300 $

$ 283/94%
Contributions of our investors

41 piece.

Invested by

2 332 $

Average contribution

57 $


300 $

Project investments

Комментарии (212)

  1. Andrew 25 October 2020 21: 55

    Payment of 100% successfully received, thank you very much!
    A complaint
  2. solnze33 24 October 2020 14: 01

    Thank you for your payment!
    23.10.2020 12:52:16 (UTC+3)
    Details: P1021078116 → P1025295617
    Comment: Amount: 134.61 USD
    Compensation from
    I am ready to continue cooperation with you!
    A complaint
  3. superman76 24 October 2020 13: 55

    Thank you for 100% insurance compensation for this project! amount of $ 59.74 received on the wallet.
    A complaint
  4. Dagon 24 October 2020 13: 15

    Date: 23.10.2020 12:50:43 (UTC+3)
    ID: 1185323922
    Details: P1021078116 → P1021472647
    Comment: Amount: 9.51 USD
    Compensation from
    A complaint
  5. Dima888z 24 October 2020 12: 50

    Thanks for the compensation RichMonkey (20.10.2020/21/55 at 7.74:XNUMX in the amount of $ XNUMX)
    A complaint
  6. assured 23 October 2020 19: 39

    It is anxious to work with you!
    And joyfully. I received compensation. Yo-h-haa!
    Transaction Date: October 23 2020 12: 50
    Operation ID: 1185324075
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Sum: $ 25.56
    Comment: Compensation from
    A complaint
  7. Robin2020 23 October 2020 16: 14

    Thank you for your payment!
    Transaction Date: October 23 2020 12: 49
    Operation ID: 1185322378
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Sum: $ 11.89
    Comment: Compensation from
    A complaint
  8. iron1902 23 October 2020 16: 07

    Payment is received. Thank you.
    Transaction Date: October 23 2020 12: 52
    Operation ID: 1185325685
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Sum: $ 6.27
    Comment: Compensation from
    A complaint
  9. 4difeer666 23 October 2020 16: 06

    Thank you for the insurance: 10.23.20 10: 04 Account Receive + 12.9 Received Payment 12.9 USD from account to account U21717020. Batch: 18183296. Memo: API Payment. Compensation from
    A complaint
  10. Alex01011961 23 October 2020 15: 53

    Payment of 100% successfully received, thank you very much!
    A complaint
  11. Vitalik313 23 October 2020 15: 37

    Thank you: Surgery date: 23 Oct 2020 12:49
    Operation ID: 1185322990
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Sum: $ 165.40
    Comment: Compensation from
    A complaint
  12. TomMorrigan 23 October 2020 13: 19

    Compensation received! You are best! Thank you!
    Losses covered - 100%
    A complaint
  13. richmonkey 23 October 2020 12: 38

    From the general blog fund allocated amount 650 $ to cover project losses

    Total fund increased to 1200 $
    A complaint
  14. Arl204 23 October 2020 00: 36

    Refbek received
    Payment Received

    + 7.42 USD

    Date: 07.10.2020/23/14 39:3:1168041117 (UTC + 1021078116) ID: 103Details: P7.42 → PXNUMXComment: Amount: XNUMX USDRefback from
    A complaint
  15. Max36 22 October 2020 12: 21

    Thanks for the ref
    Transaction Date: October 07 2020 23: 22
    Operation ID: 1168046601
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Sum: $ 0.99
    Comment: Refback from

    From: P1021078116
    A complaint
  16. gilew455 21 October 2020 12: 15

    I took the deposit on the last day thanks admin panel for profit Received payment on 20.10.20/3/20 12.75:19760413 AM Receive Received Payment 19218989 USD from account U341544658 to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to memo from
    A complaint
  17. matrix2000 21 October 2020 01: 25

    Expected scam for me, weak job
    A complaint
  18. assured 20 October 2020 21: 21

    It's sad. Thank you for the refback of 2,5 USD and possible insurance.
    So far, richmonkey is working honestly. Thanks.
    A complaint
  19. theron 20 October 2020 16: 58

    It's a pity, but thanks for the refback
    A complaint
  20. n1kto253 20 October 2020 15: 42

    Projections fell ... Several were added at once, so they mumbled
    A complaint


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