Ferma.gg - We are 90 days old! Adding a new section "My Market"

Today at 12:00 pm, the economic game Ferma turns exactly 90 days since its launch! 90 days is an important date, right now a lot of users who registered with Ferma from the start began to receive a net profit from their investment in the project.

We are very glad that you are staying with us, projects from DriftGames continue to develop by leaps and bounds and we do not plan to stop there! There are still many months of stable work and payments ahead. Thanks!

Statistics for 03.10.2020 / 12:00

  • Users: 126 people
  • Replenished: 62 rubles
  • Paid out: 27 rubles
  • Clicks "Surfing sites": 26

About the new section "My Market"

90 days to a project is a great date to start a new section in a project. Meet "Market»- a new section for making money in the Ferma project.

The Ferma project needed an alternative economy, unfortunately, not all users understand the wording "Limit on profit", which is used in the main economic branch of the project, especially for the foreign audience, which is over 30% of the project participants.

The "Market" is based on the "Cargo transportation" section from our Drift project, where a similar section has proven itself perfectly in a month and a half of work. In the adapted version of the section for Ferma you will find 7 "shops".

All shops are open for the 'lead time' which is listed next to each shop on the buy page. During this period, you will receive a fixed amount of income, which is also indicated in the purchase block.

Economic information of the "Market" section:

  • Number of shops available: 7
  • Lead time for shops: 30-90 days
  • Return on shops: 115-145%
  • The total cost of all shops: 62 600 rubles.

All "shops" must be bought sequentially, you cannot buy the most expensive "shop" at once.

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  1. matrix2000
    09.10.2020 19:23
    excellent! I already went to +
  2. richmonkey
    04.10.2020 14:24
    New contribution 20 000₽ (made purchases in the new section "My Market")