- SCAM! Compensation paid. - SCAM! Compensation paid.


The project stopped payments


Current Fund Amount


Deadline for applications for compensation is

05.10 | 11:00

According to the project losses are covered by


Extremely important!

If you are a referral site and got a refback from us (deposit bonus), then you have the right to receive compensation for this project.

Before you fill out an application for compensation, please carefully read the article. What is insurance in HYIP and how to calculate the net loss?

Applications for compensation are accepted through the form "Order insurance»

Dear Partners

Our blog is doing everything possible to support you and significantly reduce losses when investing in HYIPs.

Please treat with respect to our earnest request to unsubscribe on our website, in the forum thread and on the VKontakte group about receiving insurance payments. It only takes a couple of minutes, but with this simple action you support monitoring and our work.

If you are grateful for the compensation, please unsubscribe about receipt on the site, and also, if possible, in our forum thread. mmgp, on the aggregator Hyiplogs and on the page VK.

With constant "non-correspondence»Reserve the right to refuse to pay subsequent insurance.

Rules receiving subsequent insurance payments. Familiarize!

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Комментарии (23)

  1. matrix2000 12 October 2020 23: 01

    Let's remember, we are waiting for your rebirth!
    A complaint
  2. Bond 7 October 2020 17: 43

    compensation received
    05.10.20 18: 55 Receive Receive Payment 1.42 USD from account to account U21717020. Batch: 21768024. Memo: API Payment. Compensation from
    A complaint
  3. BandiCD 6 October 2020 19: 45

    Thank you for your insurance!
    Transaction Date: October 05 2020 21: 44
    Operation ID: 1165835036
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    Sum: $ 8.53
    Comment: Compensation from

    From: P1021078116
    A complaint
  4. eirene 6 October 2020 08: 22

    Thanks for the compensation! 9.66 USD Batch: 338527407. Memo: API Payment. Compensation from
    A complaint
  5. Arl204 6 October 2020 00: 12

    Thanks to the blog for compensation!


    Payment Received

    + 134.06 USD

    Date: 05.10.2020 21:45:37 (UTC + 3) ID: 1165836080Details: Comment: Amount: 134.06USD Compensation from
    A complaint
  6. andrikmel 5 October 2020 22: 36

    Thank you for your payment!
    A complaint
  7. Ckao 5 October 2020 22: 08

    Insurance received, thanks) even somehow felt ashamed that he applied for compensation for a small loss, after the following.
    A complaint
  8. richmonkey 5 October 2020 22: 04

    Project compensation paid to everyone who submitted a claim for losses on time and adhered to the rules of our blog.

    Considering the team's turnover of $ 40k, there were not so many losses, thanks to the admin again for the cosmic profit! Losses are covered by 57%. Check your wallets!

    If you are grateful for the compensation, we ask you to unsubscribe from the receipt on the website, as well as, if possible, on the Hyiplogs aggregator, in our topic on the MMGP forum and on the VK page.

    PS We thought there would be much more losses, until we started to look through the applications, some of them turned out to be completely different numbers, we had to carefully check everything and check it with our personal account. Applications were submitted by all and sundry :), even who had a profit!

    Another important point: noticed that few people unsubscribed on the blog about receiving compensation. You can open any insurance news, see how many applications and how many people have left reviews.

    I don’t want to introduce strict rules and change the conditions for receiving compensation, but even few people leave feedback on payments on resources, this is primarily in the interests of the investor and, by and large, prolongs the life of projects.
    A complaint
  9. BandiCD 5 October 2020 09: 32

    -1000 Bachin, Richie has already written off grinning
    A complaint
    1. richmonkey 5 October 2020 12: 11

      There were a lot of wrong applications, the project gave out how much profit, everyone is submitting applications)
      A complaint
      1. BandiCD 5 October 2020 21: 04

        Apparently they decided that it would give a ride)
        A complaint
    2. lola 5 October 2020 22: 22

      Money is not enough for people, even when profit is in their pocket expressionless
      A complaint
  10. Lorik351 4 October 2020 09: 03

    Considering the turnover, there are few losses, the admin gave a great profit
    A complaint
  11. n1kto253 3 October 2020 13: 50

    Are there really so many losses, or are there simply many who miscalculated their profit?
    A complaint
    1. mirov84 3 October 2020 19: 53

      I think it's simple to increase the fear fund from $ 1000 to $ 3000 if the project's treasury allows!
      A complaint
      1. BandiCD 4 October 2020 00: 02

        Maximum if he wants to reach, then it's another $ 500 on top, but not like up to $ 3000)
        A complaint
    2. BandiCD 3 October 2020 23: 59

      Most likely, the majority went to the end of the project, which is why such losses, but of course not who does not exclude the fact that someone did not lie much)
      A complaint
  12. mirov84 3 October 2020 11: 10

    Hello everyone, my losses are $ 22,59, it is still in withdrawal mode, the last contribution was $ 30, somewhere $ 14 $ 22,59
    A complaint
    1. BandiCD 4 October 2020 00: 03

      He will hang, like everyone else)
      A complaint
    2. richmonkey 4 October 2020 09: 04

      Mirov84what is the increase in the fund, the project issued up to 400% of net profit!

      But you should learn to count your losses! Themselves in profit, but submit an application)

      If you have a payment pending, it does not mean that this is a loss)

      A complaint
      1. Lorik351 4 October 2020 09: 23

        ahah, then many have losses, I personally played with a $ 300 depot until the end, but in a very good profit, if you put it on a withdrawal, then I get a loss, I don’t know)
        A complaint
      2. mirov84 4 October 2020 17: 49

        Yes, I agree 400% well, not everyone has less %%%!
        A complaint
  13. richmonkey 2 October 2020 11: 22

    Before you fill out an application for compensation, please carefully read the article.

    What is insurance in HYIP and how to calculate the net loss?

    A simple example where mistakes are made, losses are not calculated based on the last contribution.
    Let's say the first deposit was $ 100, $ 150 was withdrawn, the second deposit was $ 100, $ 150 was withdrawn, the third deposit was $ 100, $ 50 was withdrawn. In total, your loss is not -50 $, but the calculation is as follows: all deposits $ 100 + $ 100 + $ 100 minus total withdrawn $ 150 + $ 150 + $ 50, in fact you are even in positive territory by + $ 50
    A complaint

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