- Development Roadmap for September. - Development Roadmap for September.

Dear users, today the 2nd season of the game turns exactly 20 days.

Since the launch, enough edits have been made to eliminate starting defects and fully launch the work of all sections.

It is today that investors who purchased a Tier 1 ship at the start of the second season have fully completed their first investment cycle with a profit.

The profit is now quite symbolic, because this is just the beginning, but this mark indicates a gradual transition of the game from the initial stage of development.

In this regard, we are publishing a roadmap for the development of the game for the next 30 days.

25.08 - Adding a profitability calculator
27.08 - The possibility of buying 1 ship of lvl 4 opens.
01.09 - Launch of contests for reformers and investors
06.09 - Adding new advertising banners
12.09 - Increasing the availability of the ship 6 lvl. up to 2
17.09 - Adding a task section
22.09 - Increasing the availability of the ship 5 lvl. up to 2

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  1. 4difeer666 26 August 2020 01: 37

    I think I will buy a few ships that will appear
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  2. assured 25 August 2020 10: 40

    That's interesting.
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  3. BandiCD 23 August 2020 08: 48

    Thanks for the information.
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