The last month has passed in the "rest" mode.

The last month has passed in the "rest" mode.

Good day, dear partners!

The last month has passed in the "recreation". Blog activity has been reduced.

Many already know that the summer period is not for active investments, in the summer there are usually few projects worthwhile. Most people leave for planned vacations or rest in their dachas and out of town. Admins are in no hurry to launch good and new projects into the world, more quickly scams without results. Personally, we did not work actively, but most of the selected projects on the blog showed and continue to show good results and there were not so many scams. Now let's start looking closely, during this period, projects for smooth development can be launched. Perhaps we will take something worthwhile, but for now we are working with what we have. It's time to form a portfolio for the autumn period, and as practice shows, this is the best time for high-yield investments.

Friends, there is no reason to be upset because of SCAMs), there are many good projects ahead of us, as well as a bunch of insurances and big refbacks. FROM 18 of August we will already be in a working environment, but we can still spend the last days with benefit, summer - for relaxation, this will be the right decision, investments should work for us, but do not forget about the risks and the basic rules of investing. Have a successful and profitable investment!

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  1. 4difeer666 17 August 2020 17: 03

    Another relatively good summer, and we had a rest, and the projects were worthwhile. Looking forward to autumn, it's time to make money!
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