- Happy Birthday, SuperKopilka! - Happy Birthday, SuperKopilka!

SuperKopilka community celebrates 7 years of success

13 May 2013 years became a significant date, because it was on this day that the SuperKopilka mutual financing community was founded!

7 years ago we set off on a journey without imagining how exciting and interesting it will turn out. The road was not always smooth, but overcoming obstacles made SuperKopilka stronger, and faith in us stronger.

We started with a couple of hundred participants to eventually bring together hundreds of thousands in our community.

7 years is a lotand we are very grateful to you, dear participants, partners, heads of the Consulting Center, that you have been going hand in hand with us all these years! Thanks to the team, which works every day with full dedication, and thanks to which SuperKopilka grows and develops.

7 years is significant! But it’s even more joyful to realize how many goals and plans we have ahead, and how many people will be able to improve their lives, build a passive income and find financial prosperity.

Happy birthday to the unique SuperKopilka community!

This is our common holiday! Therefore, we urge everyone on this day to make their most cherished desire, treat themselves to something tasty and ... go to fulfill their dream with SuperKopilka.

We continue this exciting journey with you! Let it be long and interesting, leading each participant to the desired well-being and prosperity!

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