- Update Schedule for May.

Peace! The pond! May! Hooray, comrades!

The beginning of a new month, which means a new schedule of updates.

01.05 Planned rise of Fishcoin + release of new coins.
02.05/XNUMX Launch of a competition for investors, referral managers. Raising the limits on Swallow Beaver.
04.05 Fish Shop opens in the Securities section. New launch of the game Weak Link.
09.05/XNUMX Adding a Promotional Character. Improving the game menu, catch section and the main page.
11.05 Planned rise of Fishcoin + release of new coins.
14.05/XNUMX Launch of the Pond section.
18.05/XNUMX Raising the limits on the Splinter and Shkrek Boat. Adding a task to the Bounty “Refolov” section.
21.05 Adding a new section to Fishcoin Factory. Planned rise in price Fishcoin + release of new coins.
25.05/XNUMX The Harpooner character opens.
30.05 Increase of limits on Kosolapogo.

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  1. 4difeer666
    02.05.2020 22:18
    The pond is probably the most important thing on the list, last time it turned out pretty well
    1. n1kto253
      07.05.2020 14:15
      I agree, pending. The aquarium somehow did not really stand out, I hope to fix it)))
  2. NikitaPuchkin2000
    02.05.2020 21:26
    Hope the pond succeeds! I really want to participate!
  3. matrix2000
    02.05.2020 17:41
    Cool project