Weekly Report 13.04.20 - 19.04.20

We summarize the events related to the projects on the blog in our weekly text report. Over the past week, we have managed to earn as much as a full passive 1 500 $.

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This report focuses on the weekly 13.04.20 - 19.04.20 segment.

Getting started!

New projects

Moriarty 2 [NEW] - At the beginning of last week, they added a game to the blog based on the Ethereum smart contract with a progressive percentage of profitability and the return of the deposit body at any time with a fine. We prepared a detailed text review of the project and recorded a video review, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with! The project is under insurance in the amount of 300$. Bonus from the blog + 2 %.

Moneypools [NEW] - added a highly profitable project to the blog with perpetual marketing as a test. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Oastland [NEW] - Another project was taken to us as a test. This time, the average profit (at the lowest rate) with plans-changers. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

TOP for deposits

Taxi money - Another week without news. The game is still paying steadily. Blog Bonus + 5 %. The turnover of our team 90 633 $.

8Bit - A moderate percentage continues to be charged to wallets for us and our partners. The project is under insurance in the amount of 600$. Bonus from the blog + 1-14%. The turnover of our team 38 811 $.

Fun Fishermen 2 - in the game there was an increase in the limits on the game characters "The Seagull Stealth" and "Cat Semen". Now they can be bought up to 25 pieces. Blog Bonus + 2.5 %. The turnover of our team 16 953 $.

Solid Trade Bank - A project that has been in the shade for a long time continues to generate income for investors. Blog Bonus + 0.5 %. The turnover of our team 13 875 $.

Alysdax - At the end of the week, the administration announced that a project leaders club had been opened in China. Blog Bonus + 1 %. The turnover of our team 11 542 $.

Vitrade - A high-quality piggy bank project that works exclusively with cryptocurrency continues to generate revenue. The project shows excellent results. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The turnover of our team 5 735 $.

Staked wallet - at the beginning of the week we recorded a video review of the project, and also wrote a detailed text review, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with! In a short time, the project fell into our category “TOP on deposits”. Blog Bonus + 1 %. The turnover of our team 5 531 $.


Bigmoney - the administration began to issue less shares, but there is nothing terrible about it, because the main thing is that the game still pays. By the end of the week, a new mini-game in the Las Vegas location called "Instant Lottery" was added. Blog Bonus + 2.5 %.

Cashmarine - The economic game has taken a serious course towards development and adheres to it. The project is under insurance in the amount of 300$. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

Superkopilka - A stable project continues to demonstrate confident work the next week. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

To The Moon - until the completion of the first round and the return of the first deposits, a little more than two weeks remain. We look forward to this moment. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Gold8 - Over the past week there was no news on the project. By the way, the project has been on our blog for already one month and shows good results. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Day reports

Last week we wrote the following daily reports:

Scam of the week

  • (13.04.20) Ello digital (from 57.6% to 76% from deposit, 4 days of work) - worked far from the best way. We fix losses.

Compensation week

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

during the week
deposit with
in a day
during the week
1Taxi money1.1%7.7%196 000₽2 156₽15 092₽
28Bit0.2%1%3 000 $6$42$
3Fun Fushermen 2~ 5.5%~ 38.5%120 000₽6 600₽46 200₽
4Solid Trade Bank0.2%1%200$0.4$2$
5Alysdax~ 1.12%~ 5.6%3 000 $33.6$168$
6Vitrade2.4%16.8%2 000 $48$336$
7Staked wallet0.6%4.2%1 200 $7.2$50.4$
8Bigmoney0.63%4.41%60 000₽378₽2 646₽
9Cashmarine~ 1.79%10.74%13 000₽232.7₽1 396.2₽
11To The Moon1.3%9.1%200$2.6$18.2$
13Moriarty 2 [NEW]0.86-0.92%4.4%200$1.72$8.8$
14Moneypools [NEW]7%14%200$14$28$
15Oastland [NEW]7%-%200$-$-$
Total invested: 16 181 $Total revenue
in a day:

239.28 $ (+ 1.48%)
Total revenue
during the week:

1 529 $ (+ 9.45%)

Recommended articles of the week

Knowledge is power! We recommend our following articles for general development:

Results of the week

The week came out moderate for events. Three new projects appeared on the blog at once and, unfortunately, one left us quickly. We continue to invest and earn. Over the past week we have a good profit. Stably we receive profit without changes. We remind you that we have created a new Telegram news channel, which we recommend you subscribe to!

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