- Benefit: “Financial Pillow”.

From today until May 31, 2020 SuperPiggy highlights $ 200 Pillow Allowance, ready to start building a passive income strategy in our community.

Get $ 300 with new balance money to create programs, apply for technical support for benefits and within 24 hours the money will be credited to your balance. New entrants will also be automatically credited with $ 30 as a bonus "Help for a beginner."

The total amount for creating a passive income strategy on the participant’s balance sheet will be $ 530.

This amount will be enough to no extra infusions build a passive income strategy!

After debiting funds to maintain it, such a strategy will bring clean:
Passive income per month: $ 51/3 676 rub.
Passive income for the year: $ 612/44 119 rub.
Passive income for 3 years: $ 1836/132 357 rub.

At the same time, you can always increase the amount of your passive income in SuperKopilka, making additional contributions or increasing the amount of payments for the programs.

Read more about the conditions for receiving benefits under link

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  1. 4difeer666
    24.04.2020 21:19
    I’ll think there’s still time, on the whole, it will be possible to beat off a third almost immediately, due to old deposits
  2. matrix2000
    24.04.2020 11:10
    the main question is there still time to enter
    1. 4difeer666
      24.04.2020 21:19
      I’ve already withdrawn a third, in a month 20% comes out, quickly pays off