The best hype projects of winter 2019-2020

We decided to start conducting a seasonal column on the best projects that were on our blog, and, logically, should start in the winter.

We have prepared a rating of the best investment projects for the winter of 2019-2020.


We noticed that many liked the ratings we compiled “The best hype projects of 2019” и “To the best hype-projects of the“ Off-blog ”2019 heading”. We decided to start a regular section of seasonal projects and will start in the winter of 2019-2020.

About the selection of the best hype projects

I would like to clarify: by what principle we chose projects for rating.

Projects were selected according to the following criteria:

  • the project should have been on our blog from December 2019 to February 2020;
  • profitability was taken into account exclusively on completed circles (exception marketing piggy banks) and affordable tariff plans;
  • places were allocated without taking into account the bonus from our blog;
  • In the profit calculation, only the winter months were taken into account.

The best hype projects of winter 2019-2020

Perhaps there were not so many projects that showed good or excellent results for the winter, but, nevertheless, we made a list of those projects that were on our monitoring blog in the winter of 2019-2020 and showed profitable results.

1) Doubler

Not surprisingly, in the first place was Doubler, the result of which many admins can envy.

Marketing of this investment project made it possible to double deposits created using cryptocurrency Bitcoin, only 200 hours! We participated in the project from the very start, namely the project began its work January 24 2020 years and worked 34 day with such marketing, which, obviously, is respected. In a month of working with the project, it was possible to complete up to 4 full circles and earn up to + 400% net income. Thanks to the interest of our team, it was invested 12 072 $!

Thanks to the admin who made it possible to get a phenomenal profit in a relatively short time!

2) Genesis Trade

Many have missed this project, and even in vain. Genesis Trade Fund demonstrated excellent results, being in the framework of the blog for a long time.

On our blog the project was all winter and stopped its work 27 February 2020 year. Recall that project marketing offered to earn from + 12% for 7 days and more, depending on the selected tariff, but we will still consider the profit at the aforementioned tariff. In total, during the winter period it was possible to complete up to 12 full circles and earn up to + 144% net income.

Many regretted that they had missed this project, and those who still participated were satisfied, as there were plenty of opportunities to go in and lock in. We thank the admin for the profit!

3) Monelo

The next in our list is the piggy bank project, which works exclusively on cue ball, called Monelo. You can challenge the result of the work, but still in the project it was possible to fix the profit at any time with a fine and, thereby, get a decent profit.

Piggy bank marketing offered to earn 3% daily on weekdays and 1% on weekends on an unlimited basis, the deposit body could be withdrawn at any time with a -10% penalty. On our blog, the project was from the very start, namely with January 27 2020 yearsuntil the end of March. We calculate the profit for the winter, total + 72% net income taking into account the penalty for withdrawal. Like us, our team saw a perspective in the project and everything was invested 7 480 $!

The project administration has demonstrated a desire to work, as well as an excellent result. Thanks for the profit!

4) Vitrade

Next, we move on to the piggy bank project, which works at the time of writing the rating exclusively with cryptocurrency, to a project called Vitrade. Hype is posted on the blog as a “Personal Choice”, as evidenced by the amount of our deposit.

An investment proposal consists of four investment plans that allow you to fix a deposit 15 or 30 days after it is opened, depending on the chosen tariff, without a penalty for withdrawal. Profit calculation was carried out at tariffs that offer to earn 1.5% и 1.8% daily, since it was possible to fix profit on them. For February in the project it was possible to earn and fix from + 25.5% to + 30.6% net income. Our team actively supports the project. Partners invested 5 435 $!

Recall that the project works to this day, so we recommend that you take a closer look. The administration demonstrates its commitment to continuous work.

5) Limpid Capital

In last place in the list of the best projects of the winter, but by no means by value, was a project called Limpid capitalwho worked "in the shade" for a long time, and January 28 2020 years made a rebranding, changing marketing, external design and so on.

It will be easier for us to calculate the profit after rebranding for the winter, because The plans in the partisan stage were lengthy. For the winter it was possible to complete one round at a full rate 0.8% per day for 30 days and earn + 24% net income.

The administration showed a good result being "in the shade", as well as after rebranding.


We can say that there were not so many really worthy projects for the winter, and this was not only on our blog, but in the hype industry as a whole, but there were profitable hyps and we displayed them in our rating of “The Best Hype winter projects 2019-2020 ".

It is never worthwhile to rule out seasonality in the hype industry, it is just necessary to diversify your money competently.

Thank you for staying with us! We always try to offer the most favorable investment conditions for our partners.

Invest successfully and profitably with!

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