- April update schedule. - April update schedule.

Dear fishermen! Despite the fact that there is a pandemic, viruses, and projects around, they do not have time to start, we are working tirelessly to improve the project and, of course, continue to delight you with timely payments.

Our project has 183 days, more than 52000 fishermen have earned and withdrawn 19500000 rubles, then there will only be more

We, in turn, as promised, inform the schedule of updates for the month of April.

01.04 Planned rise of Fishcoin + release of new coins.
04.04 The completion of the competition of investors and referrals. Prize crediting.
06.04. The Bank of Germany opens.
11.04 Planned rise of Fishcoin + release of new coins.
14.04 Increase of limits for Seagulls stealth and Kotov Semenov.
18.04/XNUMX Launch of the improved Fish Farm (Aquarium).
21.04 Planned rise of Fishcoin + release of new coins.
24.04 Raising the limits on Alexander Rybak and Angler Vanka.
29.04/XNUMX Adding a new mini-game.

PS In May, a new section will be launched, with the help of which you will have the opportunity to transfer Fishcoin to real money. Have a nice bite! Have a nice day and everyone 36,6

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