- Strikes Coronavirus Infections (COVID-19)


Now everything in the world revolves around the coronavirus covid-19. Exchange rates jump, people are fired, quarantined, and in some places they are completely forbidden to leave the house. Many lose their earnings completely, others partially save them, but for a long time such enterprises will not be able to pay salaries if production is idle.

In these conditions, people, more than ever, need alternative ways of earning, remote work and sources of constant income for the long term.

SuperKopilka can offer people both passive income on an ongoing basis and remote work, and for a large number of applicants.

Since 2018, we have been operating a Consulting Center (CC) and anyone who is willing to learn and apply new knowledge in practice can become an employee of it. Education at the CC Academy is absolutely free, on average it takes 14 days, and employment for those who have mastered the training materials is guaranteed.

To get constant passive income in SuperKopilka it’s enough to build a strategy once and maintain it at the expense of payments received, withdrawing% to an electronic wallet and spending on current needs. Such a strategy can be built both gradually and simultaneously. To create such a source of passive income now is an opportunity to provide your family with funds for comfortable living conditions during and after quarantine

We wrote an article that in quarantine conditions, when people had a lot of free time and the need to earn money through the Internet, SuperKopilka can help in finding one and the other. Please read the article and consider publishing it in your news channel. Perhaps it will be useful to someone from your audience and help to solve their problems.

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  1. matrix2000
    20.03.2020 17:07
    I didn’t especially like the project (too confused
    1. 4difeer666
      21.03.2020 14:57
      There’s less than a hundred, there’s no point in twisting for a long time, but as a passive income
  2. 4difeer666
    20.03.2020 16:31
    It is very pleasant that the project does not go on vacation, the piggy bank is not an exception, I hope it will please profit