Epay-x.com - The project acquired branding on the blog for 1 month.

In this regard, from today REFBACK increase to 10% from contributions on an ongoing basis.

Just a few days ago, the project came out of Beta testing. Removed all limits and restrictions, added a new investment plan, cryptocurrency is accepted without conversion! We in turn spent new deposit at the rate of 500$ under 3% on business days indefinitely. We believe that the project still deserves attention, especially with such good conditions. We have been working with the project for the 4th month already, all this time there have been limits on the quid. The administrator chose a competent strategy, the smooth promotion was a success and the active phase of development is just beginning. All a successful and profitable investment!

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  1. 4difeer666
    17.03.2020 22:08
    Excellent. I thought that the project would die out with its 1% per day.
  2. matrix2000
    17.03.2020 19:50