Loss compensation program "StopSkam" from the SuperKopilka project

Loss compensation program "StopSkam" from the SuperKopilka project

Loss compensation program Super Piggy Bank - This is an opportunity to get 100% compensation for losses incurred in any of the HYIPs. All investors of our blog who are registered in SuperKopilka in our referral structure can become a member of the StopSkam program.

Stop Skam Compensation is in parallel with other insurance posted on the blog. So, you can get a reimbursement of losses twice.

By participating in the StopSolgi program, you can get compensation both for current losses and for projects in which our investors participated earlier. In addition, all losses that may happen in the future can also be compensated within the framework of the StopSkam program.

The StopSkam program has been operating since 2017, during which time its participants received compensation in the amount of $ 619. This figure continues to grow weekly, you can also join the StopSkam program and receive compensation for any losses in HYIPs on an ongoing basis.

SuperKopilka is an investment project and compensation is provided in the form of a promotional code that gives a cash bonus to your deposits received on the main balance after receiving payment under the program.


Under standard conditions, investing $ 500, the participant receives the payment of the deposit amount +% of return, which was specified when creating the program for a certain period. After receiving compensation under the StopSkam program and applying the promotional code to the program created for the same period, 20% will be added to the deposit amount. Now the initial contribution is equal to $ 600 and% of the profitability will be accrued already for this entire amount.

How to order compensation for “StopSkam”

Register. It is necessary to register in SuperKopilka in the affiliate structure of our blog on this link (mirror). When registering, be sure to make sure that when filling out the registration form in the “Your partner” field, our pseudonym is indicated RichMonkey.biz.

Loss data. You should collect screenshots and other information about your losses. These can be screenshots from your electronic wallets with money transfers, screenshots of your SKAM dashboards, if you still have access to the sites. Also, be sure to include the correct project name. If you were our referral in a scam project, then your blog login will suffice for us, since we have all the data on refback applications and compensation from the blog.

Compensation. A few days after we receive the loss materials, the application will be completely processed and the StopSkam promotional code will be credited to the member’s personal account. Now when creating new programs, you can apply the StopSkam promotional code and receive a bonus to the deposit amount.

Bonus Options. At the first application, a 20% promotional code is charged from the participant. For all subsequent applications, the size of the bonus to the deposit amount will be 10%. In this case, the maximum cash bonus from the promotional code is always equal to the amount that you indicated as a loss when applying for compensation.

Personal consultant. After registration, as well as after the StopSkam promo code has been credited to your account, a consultant will contact you and help you figure out how to participate in the project as profitably as possible. We advise you to listen to these tips, since SuperKopilka is not a simple project, and there are a lot of bonuses at the start.

Application Form

To receive the amount of compensation through SuperKopilka, you need:

  • Send email admin@richmonkey.biz with the theme "StopSkam program"
  • Indicate the login under which you are registered on our blog
  • Information about scam project: name, your username and mail, loss amount in $
  • Register in SuperCopilka for our affiliate link and write your mail

Every few days we will transfer data on applications to SuperCopilka, where after processing them, a StopSkam promotional code will be credited to your Personal Account. It can be used to create new programs.

Reduce the risk of loss together!

You can ask absolutely any questions regarding Superkopilka to our manager in Telegram: @Oleganatolievic.

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  1. 13knives 6 May 2022 10: 50

    This service is needed only for newcomers to the project and those who are still building or raising their schedule ... For example, being already on the passive, this promotional code is just an empty place for me)) I thought, and it’s true that you can somehow return the lost ... but the promotional code for raising the graphics are just funny

    A complaint
  2. terabait April 7 2021 23: 52

    Comrades, this post is already over a year old. I would like to ask you how this project is doing now? Someone actively uses it? And tell me, in your opinion, is it worth saving there now?)
    A complaint
    1. silver_profit April 8 2021 13: 04

      terabait, I would not advise to contact the super piggy bank. A useless jerk-off for a few percent a month. There are too many nuances, especially for beginners. There are better blog options
      A complaint
    2. 13knives 6 May 2022 10: 47

      the person who answered you below either didn’t understand, or because of his greed and stupidity, he left the office because he started to lose a lot and then could not support it at the proper level))

      I, being already on passive income, have a net $ 60 per month for withdrawal after reinvestment ... so everything works and everyone makes a profit ... all screenshots are available

      A complaint
  3. ptachblr 16 December 2020 13: 21

    Well, I'll try, it's worth a try, since I fit all the conditions)
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  4. delix 10 June 2020 23: 31

    Great news!
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  5. richmonkey April 13 2020 15: 39


    SuperKopilka + program StopSkam. We return your losses 100% in any project!

    Dear investors!
    Reception of applications for compensation of losses continues.

    For all the time 20 applications were accepted, compensation was accrued for the total amount $ 1343
    Current amount in the fund: $ 1157
    A complaint
  6. jujaaa April 2 2020 19: 37

    and if in the project that I was chasing down I wasn’t your referral, but yours in the Super Piggy bank, can I still apply?
    A complaint
    1. 13knives 6 May 2022 10: 46

      it’s strange why the admin doesn’t answer you ... in general, in this project I was refused to change the upline

      A complaint
  7. gektor92 20 March 2020 12: 43

    Great, why this was not before)
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  8. Alex52 18 March 2020 20: 51

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  9. matrix2000 17 March 2020 07: 25

    Topchik !!))))
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  10. 4difeer666 16 March 2020 00: 04

    Great news, I wonder if these percentages go to capital.
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  11. Bond 15 March 2020 11: 41

    Great news!
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