Limpid.Capital - 365 days of online success!

Limpid.Capital - 365 days of online success!

Dear investors and partners of Limpid Capital!

Today is our first anniversary - the year of successful work online. This is the most important step on the road to the development of our company, creating which we have made great efforts to enter the leading positions of the market, offering our partners the best conditions for investing.

In our activities, we use highly profitable instruments that allow us to fully fulfill our obligations in managing investor capital. Over the year of working online, we were able to achieve excellent results in terms of profitability, we formed an insurance fund, which is constantly updated. They launched the Telegram bot thanks to which investors can manage their account from any mobile device, communicate with colleagues and quickly find out the latest news.

In early 2020, we carried out a full upgrade of the official Limpid Capital venue, providing advanced tools to increase capital for its participants, launched an automated trading adviser, maximally improved the terms of tariffs and affiliate programs, launched training and presentation webinars, acquired the official registration of the company in the Russian Federation , and also opened the company's first office in the CIS in Moscow.

Despite the huge amount of work already done, we do not stand still, set new goals for ourselves and strive to achieve them. We have a lot of fresh ideas and energy for their implementation. The launch of their own startups is planned for 2020, the first projects have already been tested and are ready to work. Serious scaling up with obtaining official registrations in other countries, opening representative offices in the regions is also planned for 2020.

And this is not all the tasks that are planned to be implemented in the second year of activity. Follow the news, we will continue to share our plans and successes. Add to Telegram, subscribe to the company's official groups on social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Instagram, as well as the Youtube channel. Do not miss special promotional offers for investors.

In honor of this event, the company holds its first promotion - “+ 5% to the deposit”, detailed conditions by reference -

Sincerely, Limpid Capital.

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