- March update schedule.

Dear users, by tradition we are posting an update schedule for the month of March.

01.03 Planned rise of Fishcoin + release of new coins.
04.03 Adding the Securities section.
08.03 New website design.
11.03 Planned rise of Fishcoin.
16.03 The opportunity to purchase the Galya and Motorka fishing boats is opening up.
21.03 Planned rise of Fishcoin + release of new coins.
March 25.03 Launch of a competition for investors, referral managers

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  1. Nik888
    05.03.2020 08:42
    The project continues to develop, excellent.
  2. matrix2000
    01.03.2020 22:21
    Yeah, a lot is not clear yet, the design is cool! apparently admins do not sleep!
  3. 4difeer666
    01.03.2020 21:51
    On securities it will be interesting to see how bonds will be chtol))