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Personally, we would give everything for the knowledge that we gathered for beginners in this article, at the very beginning of working with hyps. We have prepared a general article for beginners who do not know about hypes, or are just starting the path of an investor.


If you just found our industry in the HYIP industry, then welcome! In this article, you will find a lot of useful information on how to start working with hyps. We will try for you to explain the complex terms that you may encounter as simple and clear as possible.

First of all, I would like to say that here, as elsewhere, it is necessary to spend a certain amount of time to study the field. How quickly you can optimize depends on your desire. Undoubtedly, you need to spend much more time to understand hype well, but if we succeed, you will succeed!

Who we are

It would be logical to immediately explain who we are and what we do.

First of all, we are a group of experienced investors with many years of experience in the field of hype industry, who have created a blog about making money on investments. Our blog is a monitoring of hype projects, the status of which we monitor - the project pays or not. In turn, we offer investors useful information, detailed project reviews, interesting articles, bonuses and compensation in case of losses in such projects. Investing with us is profitable!

We recommend you to familiarize yourself with:

What is HYIP

HYIP (from the English - High Yield Investment Program, which literally translates as a high-yield investment program) is a highly profitable investment project that offers everyone to contribute money to increase them.

Hype is the most profitable, but at the same time, the most risky type of investment on the Internet.

Projects of this kind offer crazy profits from 0.5% to 12% per day!

For a more detailed study, we recommend that you read our articles:

What are the hype

We figured out what a hype project is, and now let's figure out what they are.

In general, HYIPs are divided by profitability into such as:

How to determine which profitability this or that project refers to? Everything is very simple. Investment projects that offer earnings up to 15% net profit per month are low-income, from 16% to 60% net profit - average profit, and from 61% net profit - highly profitable.

We have prepared articles on this topic of classifications of hype, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

What is SCAM

Unfortunately, investment projects tend to close, stop paying. You need to be prepared for this. In the hype industry, there is such a term as “SCAM”. We explain what it is.

Scam - literally translated as fraud, and in our case it is an investment project that has stopped fulfilling its obligations to investors by closing the possibility of withdrawing funds.

You can learn more about the scam from our articles:

Can I make money on highs

Definitely answer, yes! Otherwise, what's the point of blogging for 4 years?

What do you need to start earning on highs?

  • Have a wallet in an electronic payment system;
  • Select the investment project that is presented on our blog in the section "Monitoring";
  • Register in the project by clicking on our link;
  • Invest money in the project.

Not so difficult. Is not it?

Let's move on to the main question "Can I make money on highs?" Thanks to our high-quality selection of investment projects and competent distribution of funds, you can reach a good passive income in a short time.

And of course, check out our articles:

What payment systems to use

To work with hype projects, you will need to register a personal wallet in an electronic payment system. Highly recommend using Payeer и Perfect Money, since they are most often found in such projects and are very convenient for beginners, but a more complete list of payment systems is as follows:

To work with the above payment systems, you will need to exchange funds for electronic ones. This will help monitoring exchangers the Bestchange.r. We have a detailed article about this service, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

What is refback

Refback is the return to the investor of a certain percentage of the amount of his deposit in the project. In short, then you need to register in the project using the link located on our blog and order a refback by filling out a short form. Thanks to these simple steps, you will receive a pleasant bonus from your contribution.

You can find out more about refback in our article:

What is insurance

Unfortunately, high income is associated with high risks and hype is no exception. We insure our partners against losses in hypes and think that you need to know about this advantage.

What is insurance? Insurance is a way to minimize losses in the event of the closure of an investment project. For projects that are located "Under insurance" we reimburse a certain part of the money in case of loss of our team.

You can learn more about insurance from the following articles:

I would also like to advise you to read the general article on how not to be left without a bonus from deposit and compensation in case of losses. We recommend you to familiarize yourself with:


As promised, we tried to collect in this article all the useful information about starting work with hype projects. They explained what they were like, told whether it was possible to make money from them, described what electronic payment systems to use, and most importantly described concepts such as refback and insurance.

We sincerely hope that this article was useful to you. Successful and profitable investment!

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