Weekly Report 10.02.20 - 16.02.20

By the end of the second week of February, we achieve a chic weekly earnings of $ 1. How do we do this? Read about it in our weekly text report!

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This report focuses on the weekly 10.02.20 - 16.02.20 segment.

Getting started!

New projects

Cashmarine [NEW] - at the beginning of the week, an economic game was added to the blog, which has already established itself as solvent. The game is to buy ships and receive passive income from them. Last week, insurance appeared on the project, so investing with us has become even safer! The project is under insurance in the amount of 300$. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

Superkopilka [NEW] - A truly legendary and popular project was added to our blog at the beginning of last week. Almost 7 years of successful work! Marketing is complicated, but our detailed text review and video review will help you figure it out! Blog Bonus + 5 %.

To The Moon [NEW] - Another project that was taken to the blog at the beginning of the week. The investment proposal consists of 8 plans, but we consider two of them relevant - Saturn 5 и Prizm. It’s quite unusual that you can invest using PRIZM cryptocurrency. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Sig total [NEW] - A new indefinite period in which advertising began with us. Therefore, we have a great opportunity to start participating in the project among the first. On the project, we recorded a video review. We recommend you to familiarize yourself! Blog Bonus + 2 %.

Ntd network [NEW] - They took a mid-income project, which offers to earn on a floating percentage, for testing. The most optimal plan is a tariff called Sale. Bonus from the blog + 1 %.

Vitrade [NEW] - a quality piggy bank project with a well-developed investment proposal appeared on the blog. Last week, we wrote a detailed text review, as well as recorded a video review, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself! The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

TOP for deposits

Taxi money - TOP-economic game does not stop its work for a minute! On our blog is already 3 years and 4 months! Blog Bonus + 5 %. The turnover of our team 88 984 $.

8Bit - over the past week there was no important news on the project, so let's say that on our blog the project has been posted for half a year already! The project is under insurance in the amount of 600$. Bonus from the blog + 1-14%. The turnover of our team 27 365 $.

B2b Jewelry - an action took place in the project from February 10 to 16 - for the purchase of a silver certificate you would be charged 7.5% weekly. Between the participants of the B2b Jewelry project who made a purchase from $ 400, from February 10 to February 16, the company held a draw of 20 tourist trips for two to Paris. The draw will take place on February 18 according to the purchase number. B2b Jewelry gives certificates for silver. 1st place - $ 200, 2nd - $ 100, 3rd - $ 50. To participate, you need to subscribe to the project channel in telegram and click on the participate button. Three winners will be randomly determined by the bot on February 20. Last week, the sixth news release was released. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The turnover of our team 18 620 $.

Fun Fishermen 2 - On February 11, an economic game launched the first FishCoin. In total, only 200 coins were sold. So that everyone had the opportunity to buy Fishcoin, they made a restriction. It was possible to buy no more than 10 coins per user. Blog Bonus + 2.5 %. The turnover of our team 12 403 $.

Solid Trade Bank - the project is still located and working in the shade. On our blog, the project is located 1 year and 3 months! Blog Bonus + 0.5 %. The turnover of our team 10 375 $.

Doubler - We have summed up the intermediate results for the investment project. Profit game, a new contribution of $ 500. Within the framework of the blog, the project successfully passed 2 investment circles, during which time it was possible to earn 200% net profit! The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 3 %. The turnover of our team 10 091 $.

Monelo - Last week we wrote a detailed text review, and also recorded a video review, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself! Blog Bonus + 3 %. The turnover of our team 6 557 $.


TeachMeCash - over the past week we have not received a two-week payment, so we look forward to the next. By the way, the project has been on our blog for more than 5 months! The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Limpid capital - the administration announced that they had submitted reports on strict British requirements and received an extension of registration, confirming their right to carry out further activities for another year, and also QIWI and Yandex.Money payment systems were connected last week. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Msrise - We continue to approach the fifth month of our work with the project, but for now we are steadily receiving part returns from the deposit. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Bigmoney - The administration of the economic game does not cease to amaze with stocks. From February 10 to February 15, when buying any transport, you would receive the same transport as a gift. From February 14 to February 15, when buying a minibus of the first level, you would get a bus of the first level. It was impossible to buy more than one minibus. Blog Bonus + 2.5 %.

Genesis trade - There was no news on the project over the past week, but we decided to take small results on our work with the project. After posting on the blog, you could go 17 laps on a short plan and earn + 289% net income when considering the bonus from our blog. Great results! Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Roboton - the project administration announced that they added the ability to track payments to the site to confirm their solvency. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Epay-x - continues to show good results. We connected the possibility of investing with the help of a telegram bot. The project has been on our blog for a little over two months. During this period, the project could earn approximately + 65% net income according to the investment plan Cryptocurrency. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Tender expert - work in the normal mode continues. After adding the project to the blog, one month passed and during this period it was possible to recapture from 70% to 87.5% of the deposit. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500$. Bonus from the blog + 3 %.

Warantis - Over the past week, the project has accrued and paid interest, but it seems that now it is faced with problems. For now, we recommend that you refrain from new deposits. Blog Bonus + 1 %.

Valut invest - after the change in marketing, there was no news on the project. Before the first refunds of the deposit on our blog there are 11 days. The project is under insurance in the amount of 300$. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Redcaps - unexpectedly for many, the first Fiat payment system Payeer was connected. Blog Bonus + 2 %.

Rentcar games - The administration of the economic game reported that bonus rewards for posting payments in the chat, on the mmgp forum, as well as in their feedback section, became available. As planned, new Jeepy and Longer cars were added to the game. Limit 100 pcs. to all participants. At the time of writing the weekly report, cars are not available. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Day reports

Last week we wrote the following daily reports:

Scam of the week

  • (11.02.20) Wintime (~ 100% from deposit, 462 days of work) - despite the long work, the result did not show in the framework of the blog. It was approximately possible to beat off the deposit and earn a little.
  • (14.02.20) Arber group (0% from deposit, 39 days of work) - in general, the project worked fine, but on the blog, unfortunately, without result. Deposits could be withdrawn only after 15 days.

Compensation week

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

during the week
deposit with
in a day
during the week
1Taxi money1.1%7.7%181 000₽1 991₽13 937₽
28Bit0.2%1%3 000 $6$42$
3B2b Jewelry-%8%3 000 $-$240$
4Fun Fushermen 2~ 5.5%~ 38.5%32 000₽1 760₽12 320₽
5Solid Trade Bank0.2%1%200$0.4$2$
7Monelo3% + 1%14%1 000 $30$140$
8TeachMeCash-%12.42%2 000 $-$-$
9Limpid capital1%3%1 015 $10.15$30.45$
11Bigmoney0.63%4.41%48 000₽302.4₽2 116.8₽
12Genesis trade-%12%100$-$12$
14Epay-x~ 3%~ 21%300$9$63$
15Tender expert2.5%17.5%500$12.5$87.5$
16Warantis0.45%2.7%1 000 $4.5$27$
17Valut invest1%7%15 000₽150₽1 050₽
19Rentcar games1.7%11.9%100$1.7$11.9$
20Cashmarine [NEW]~ 1.79%10.74%13 000₽232.7₽1 396.2₽
21Superkopilka [NEW]-%1.07%500$-5.35$
22To The Moon [NEW]1.3%7.8%200$2.6$15.6$
23Sig total [NEW]1.8%9%6 500₽117₽585₽
24Ntd network [NEW]~ 1.2%2.4%100$1.2$2.4$
25Vitrade [NEW]1.8%7.2%500$9$36$
Total invested: 19 760 $Total revenue
in a day:

205.62 $ (+ 1.04%)
Total revenue
during the week:

1 962.69 $ (+ 9.93%)

Recommended articles of the week

Knowledge is power! We recommend our following articles for general development:

Results of the week

The week went just awesome. We launched a contest in honor of valentines dayin which we handed out $ 100! We hope you enjoyed it.

A lot of interesting new products appeared on the blog, which we recommend that you consider them as new products for your investment portfolio. We are approaching a weekly earnings of $ 2! We believe that very little is left. In the meantime, we continue to build up the prospect of our investment portfolio.

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