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Review and feedback on the project Basic FX

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The project stopped payments (scam 22.06.2018). The actual amount of the fund - $ 500

About the Basic FX project

Welcome, dear partners! Investment Project Monitoring prepared for you a fresh review of the project Basic FXwhich launched 11 on April 2018. We will also leave our subjective opinion regarding the project.

Basic Trade FX LTD - a low-income project that, according to legend, is engaged in trading in the Forex market. Basic Trade FX LTD is a platform for investment and financial planning. With help Basic Trade FX LTD You will get a steady passive income from their investments.

Description on the site

[Google translation]:

Basic Trade FX - a unique platform for investment and financial planning. Let the professionals Btfx take care of your funds, making sure that you get absolutely passive income from their investments, without the need to become an expert in trading. Enjoy life - we take care of the rest.

We value the trust of our customers and partners; No one should doubt the legal mass of our decisions and the security of financial transactions. Therefore, the Board of Directors decided to get official status for our company in the UK.

AA customers and company visitors are free to access all documents confirming official registration. Basic Trade FX LTD, Anytime. Our company is registered in London, UK, at 10-12 Baches Street, N1 6DL.

Recent studies in Canada have shown that more and more people every year seek the help of personal financial advisors. However, such assistance is often not only useless, but even detrimental to the well-being of customers. Why is this happening?

The reason is that most so-called “advisers” do not care about your money at all. Instead, they only push their clients to actions that are financially beneficial for themselves. Therefore, their customers will easily go bankrupt.

An analysis of the activities of 4000 financial advisors and about half a million of their clients showed that advisers often make classical mistakes of the newlyweds. As a result, many of their clients lose up to 80% of their initial investment.

So what is the way out of this dangerous situation? Automated financial management systems. Unlike a living person, automatic software can simultaneously solve the tasks of one person and millions of customers!

The project is protected by loss insurance, in the amount of - $ 500

You can also order refback in size 3.5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Briefly about the main characteristics

We provide you with a brief description of the project. Basic FX, which you can see on our monitoring: Link.

  • Start of the project - 11.04.2018;
  • Type of project - average;
  • The minimum deposit is from 10 $;
  • Minimum withdrawal is 1 $;
  • Income - fixed, from 2.5% to 3.3% per day;
  • Deposit term - 60 days;
  • Payments - Manual payments, time limit up to 48 hours;
  • I / O commission - 0%;
  • Language versions of the site - English;
  • Payment systems - Payeer, Perfect Money, AdvCash, Bitcoin;
  • Affiliate program - four-level 7% - 2% - 1% - 1%;

Marketing project B-in Coin

Basic FX proposes to work 4 investment plan. Among the four investment plans we can mention only one - “Crypto Light”. We consider the remaining tariff plans irrelevant.

Actual plans

Tariff plan "Crypto Light"

We note the tariff plan called “Crypto Light” as the only working option in the project. Basic FXbecause The minimum investment amount is only 10 $. The maximum limit is up to 2500 $. If your investment in the project is more, then the Crypto Bose tariff plan is ideal for you. Returning to the plan "Crypto Light". This tariff plan offers to earn 2.5% daily for 60 days. The deposit is included in the charges.

  • Percentage yield: 2.5% per day;
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days;
  • Term of the deposit: 60 days;
  • Deposit Amount: from 10 $ to 2500 $;
  • Return of deposit: included in the charges;
  • Overall yield: 150%;
  • Net profit: 50%;

Irrelevant plans

We noted the following tariff plans as irrelevant only because of the high minimum level for investment.

Tariff plan "Crypto Bose"

  • Percentage yield: 2.7% per day;
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days;
  • Term of the deposit: 60 days;
  • Deposit Amount: from 2500 $ to 5000 $;
  • Return of deposit: included in payments;
  • Overall yield: 162%;
  • Net profit: 62%;

Tariff plan "Crypto Just"

  • Percentage yield: 3% per day;
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days;
  • Term of the deposit: 60 days;
  • Deposit Amount: 5000 $ to 10 000 $;
  • Return of deposit: included in payments;
  • Overall yield: 180%;
  • Net profit: 80%;

Tariff plan "Crypto Prime"

  • Percentage yield:3.3% per day;
  • Accrual of interest: calendar days;
  • Term of the deposit: 60 days;
  • Deposit Amount: 10 000 $ to 20 000 $;
  • Return of deposit: included in payments;
  • Overall yield: 198%;
  • Net profit: 98%;

Registration in the Basic FX project

To start investing in a project Basic FX, First of all, it is necessary to register. On the main page of the site in the center, go to the tab "Create Account".

After that it is necessary to fill in the registration form. Enter your full name, your username and password.

Enter your payment details.

Enter your email, enter your security question / answer. Make sure that in the line “Your Upline” is indicated our login RichMonkey.Biz. Be sure to agree with the terms and conditions of the project and click on the “Registration” button to complete the registration.

Deposit and creation of a deposit in Basic FX

In order to create a deposit in the project Basic FX you need to go to your personal account. Then, go to the “Make Deposit” tab.

After that, choose a tariff plan, enter the amount of investment and choose a payment system with which you are going to make a deposit. Click on “Make Deposit” button to complete.

The project works with such payment systems:

Advanced Cash

Our contribution: 1 000 $


Partner program in the project Basic FX four level:

  • 1 level 7%;
  • 2 level 2%
  • 3 level 1%
  • 4 level 1%

Opinion about the project Basic FX

Basic FX - strong middle-income project, which will rightfully serve as a strong strengthening of your investment portfolio. We can not say that the tariff plan 2.5% per day is a trend, but we believe that it will definitely give its results, because Deposit is included in the payment. The site is designed correctly. It is noticeable that over the development tried. There are some questions to marketing. Why create tariff plans and increase income only by 0.2% and raise the minimum investment amount by as much? Not entirely appropriate.

With our 500 $ insurance, investing in will be even safer.

What do we have in the project?

Available 4 tariff plan, the current one among them; there is a four-level affiliate program 7% - 2% - 1% - 1% from the deposits of your partners; official company registration documents are present; the project has unique content and a unique personal account; The site is available in English.

We can distinguish both positive moments and negative ones.

Positive points:

  • Smooth development;
  • Unique content;
  • Unique personal account;
  • There are running payment systems.

Negative points:

  • Only one tariff plan is relevant for investment.

This is our review of the project. Basic FX came to an end. If you are interested in the project, then click on the “Invest” button and order a refback from us in the amount of 3.5% of your deposit.

Invest successfully and profitably with We wish you all a profit.

The project stopped payments (scam 22.06.2018). The actual amount of the fund - $ 500

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