- February update schedule.

Dear investors!

We suggest you familiarize yourself with our plans for the month of February:

06.02/XNUMX Bank of Sweden opens.

11.02 Issue of the first FishСoin coins.

18.02/24 Opens the possibility of replenishment using PrivatXNUMX.

21.02 Adding an exchange. Planned rise in price of Fishcoin.

25.02/XNUMX Adding a new mini-game "Weak Link".

29.02/1 Opens the opportunity to purchase the XNUMXst seasoned.

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  1. Marchuk
    18.02.2020 14:54
    Development continues, it’s good. The game will still live)
  2. praveen3504
    09.02.2020 23:16
    thanks for update
  3. matrix2000
    09.02.2020 14:32
    You just have to drop!)
  4. 4difeer666
    05.02.2020 14:55
    It will be necessary to buy coins, the potential is good
    1. gilew455
      07.02.2020 19:30
      Do you think then you can sell it will do them listing on the exchange?
      1. 4difeer666
        07.02.2020 21:20
        So the exchange will be in the project, it was said. Even here it is written that on the 21st the exchange opens. More closely ..
      2. matrix2000
        09.02.2020 14:33
        Listing on real exchanges will not be))) but on the inside of the project
  5. matrix2000
    05.02.2020 07:16
    Cool updates!