- Activate Ethereum and other updates.

Dear Tokenizer users!

We would like to send you the warmest greetings and inform you about what our technical team is working on.

We have good news for those of you who think Russian and German relatives. From now on, you can use our website in these languages ​​simply by clicking on the link at the bottom of the main page. Our team is working on other translations that will be integrated later.

At this time, we also included ethereum payments, so now Tokenizer officially accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin - the three most liquid cryptography in cryptospace. Our users asked us to do this, and now Ethereum has been added to our interface.

Our support team receives some questions about our deposit merge feature, and we would like to touch on this update. Technically, this is how it works: as soon as a user adds a new amount, he is automatically merged with his existing deposit (provided that it is the same currency), and the timer restarts the 24 account hour before the next profit calculation. Therefore, it is best to create a new deposit transaction after your daily profit has already been added.

If you need help, the staff is ready to help you, just contact us using our support form or simply by sending an email to our We will add chat agents in the near future, while we expand our capabilities to process any request from our users.

As for the crypto market, we are confident that our users follow the news about the consensus in New York and about the positive impact it has already had on the market. We are sure that everything will be even hotter in late May - early June, as many long-awaited projects Blockchain start selling their markers, and we can clearly count on the profits from these tokens.

If you have any questions or suggestionsYou can chat with us.

Regards, Andrew Oxley.

CEO Tokenizer Cryptocurrency Solutions Limited (HK)

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