Warantis.com - February 3, 2020 we are taking the first step towards joint success.

Warantis.com - February 3, 2020 we are taking the first step towards joint success.

Dear partners, on February 3, 2020, we are taking the first step towards joint success. At 9 am UTC, all partners who took part in the beta test period will receive the first accruals on their deposits. We are grateful to you for believing in us and helping to improve the platform. warantis.com.

On February 3, at 00:00 UTC, the accrual mechanism for the affiliate program will change. Affiliate program rewards will be accrued from profit on deposits of your partners.

Based on your feedback, we found out that you liked the tool like cashback, so we decided to give you a gift and leave a cashback, but reducing it to 3.5%. New investors who create a deposit within 24 hours after registration will receive a cashback on their balance of 3.5% of the deposit amount, which is immediately available for withdrawal.

During this period, we improved the platform and made updates to version 1.01. Version 1.01 includes very important improvements that everyone needs to familiarize themselves with:
- Introduced an internal WRS token;
- added WRS token rate;
- The WRS token exchange rate formation algorithm has been introduced;
- added WRS token balance;
- developed WRS token conversion;
- daily deposits are paid in WRS tokens;
- accruals for the affiliate program are made in BTC or USD;
- statistics of WRS token accruals in the personal account in the “statistics” section are displayed;
- when closing the deposit, the body of the deposit is credited to the balance in WRS tokens;
- when closing the deposit, conversion is available after 10 days;
- an indicator has been added to the menu in your account that signals about unfilled personal data;
- an indicator has been added to the “account settings” section in your account, which signals an empty address (wallet) for profit.
- system optimization and performance increase by 11% were made.

We fulfill our promises and plans on time. Improvements at this stage are not finished, we still have a lot of work to do. Therefore, we ask you to immediately inform us by e-mail [email protected] about the bugs found.

In the near future, official twitter and instagram social network accounts will appear, as well as a YouTube channel with a presentation of the platform and a telegram channel. Next, we will enhance account security with two factor authentication. Let's introduce a smart telegram bot, for more convenient communication. And also we are developing a mobile version of the platform for more convenient use from a smartphone.

You can find more details about the innovations in the FAQ section.

Best regards team warantis.com

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  1. 4difeer666 5 February 2020 15: 02

    Hmm, somehow wise, let's see what comes of this
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  2. praveen3504 4 February 2020 19: 58

    keep paying ... good project
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  3. matrix2000 3 February 2020 21: 56

    Cool see how the project will show itself
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