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Hello dear investors of Roboton LTD.

The holidays are over and we are very pleased that we can successfully move to a new phase of the project. In the coming year of 2020, we are entering with a large number of investors and partners trusting us, a huge number of plans to expand the company and an endless stream of proposals for cooperation.

Let's summarize some of the results of the project.

  • We have opened several foreign chat rooms in telegrams, including Philippine, Arabic, Brazilian and Vietnamese.
  • Our site and user’s personal account received 5 new localizations, namely: Philippine, Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • The technical updates of the cabinet were: the introduction of the auto-refback function and the upgrade of an affiliate program to a leadership career with 10 statuses.
  • We took the first steps towards creating a training center for the company, adding video instructions for registering, creating a deposit and withdrawing profits.
  • We held a bounty company, received many pleasant reviews and awarded the winners.
  • Our team has expanded greatly, replenished with Japanese experts in the field of programming and blockchain technologies, who will be responsible for creating and issuing the company's own cryptocurrency coin, developing in this direction and promoting the cryptocurrency market.
  • Also, several successful traders joined us, ready to train trading robots in basic operations in marginal and arbitrage areas of the market; Artificial intelligence specialists who will further develop robots to improve the quality of trade and increase the profit from their actions.
  • We developed and released the first version of the Whitepaper project. Subsequent updates and clarifications of the principles of work and the purpose of the coin of the project are already being prepared.
  • The director of the company recorded a video from the office in which he talked about marketing investment plans and a leadership career.

All this has been done in less than 2 months of work. Ahead is the global development of the project in many areas, and even despite the increased staff, some vacancies are still vacant, and gradually, in the course of development, new ones appear. Therefore, among other things, we opened a special page of vacancies on our website, where offers from time to time will appear on cooperation and building a career in our company. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with and leave a request for a subsequent interview, if you think that suits you.

The future is in the present. Your Roboton

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Комментарии (4)

  1. 4difeer666 20 January 2020 21: 56

    Great news, the second round will soon end at a long tariff, let's see how much they will continue to support the project
    A complaint
  2. matrix2000 20 January 2020 20: 31

    A bunch of everything as always good!)
    A complaint
    1. Dyuha 21 January 2020 17: 59

      A bunch of everything is usually bad. Already in several projects he was so burned. One of them is WWI Capital.
      A complaint
      1. Marchuk 21 January 2020 21: 59

        I support, a lot of everything is not very good. But, on the other hand, it is clear that the project is developing and this is a plus!
        A complaint