Warantis.com - Cash Back Schedule!

Warantis.com - Cash Back Schedule!

Dear users and investors of our platform, thank you for your feedback and good comments about our site and our work.

As you know, the platform’s pre-launch will last until February 3, 2020. At the time of pre-launch, we offer you to receive many advantages, rewards and bonuses, one of which is an instant cash back from the deposit amount.

At the moment, the cash back is 30% of the cost of the deposit and gradually, as we informed earlier, the percentage of the cash back will decrease. The following is a cash back promotion schedule:

- until December 29, 2019: 30% cash back;
- from December 30, 2019 - until January 17, 2020: cash back 20%;
- from January 18, 2020 - until February 3: cash back 10%.

Regards team warantis.com

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Комментарии (2)

  1. 4difeer666 4 January 2020 22: 52

    Of course, an interesting topic, but somehow it looks strange, consider that you can immediately withdraw the deposit and go into profit
    A complaint
  2. matrix2000 4 January 2020 22: 45

    Let's see how the project will show itself!)
    A complaint