Competition from "New Hyip-Year 2020". Prize fund - 300 $

Competition from "New Hyip-Year 2020". Prize fund - 300 $

2019 is drawing to a close. Ahead is a wonderful New Year holiday and a new page in the history of each person. We, the team, decided to pamper our partners and organize a contest in honor of the New Year 2020 for a total amount of $300!

It's time to be closer with your family and feel the New Year mood as much as possible, because such a phenomenon happens once a year!

The competition was divided into 2 parts: we sum up the results of the outgoing year in HYIPs, as well as a competition called “New Year's mood” in which you can choose any topic to participate!

Competition number 1. "Summing up the outgoing 2019 in the hype industry"

So the year 2019 is coming to an end. On the nose 2020 and it's time to take stock of the best projects of the past year, which were on our blog. Write your TOP-5 or TOP-10 best projects of the outgoing 2019, argue your choice as clearly as possible.

General conditions must be followed! Prize fund of the competition $150!

Competition number 2. "New Year mood"

This contest is simpler than the above. We give you the right to choose. Among the topics indicated, select yours and write a story that you share with us and our partners. If you want to write on several topics, then this will be a plus for you, like a photo on New Year's themes. Topics:

  • "New Year's story from childhood." Write us your New Year's story from childhood, which you remember most of all;
  • "How do you create a New Year's mood for yourself?" Many have difficulties with the perception of the New Year. No mood say. Share your secrets: how you create your New Year mood;
  • "Gift Ideas for Loved Ones." We will help many to solve the problem of choosing a gift for loved ones. Write to us what you are going to give and why;
  • "My best New Year." Present your best New Year and tell us your imagination in the comments below the competition.

Fulfillment of the general conditions is obligatory! Prize fund of the competition $150!

General terms

  • To be registered on our site;
  • Leave a comment with the number of the competition (for example, competition No. 1, paragraph) and fill it with your story or results;
  • You can participate in two competitions at the same time;
  • We strongly do not recommend writing a story or summing up a couple of lines. Similar comments will be ignored;
  • Congratulate our partners on the New Year and post a photo of how you are preparing for the New Year (optional);
  • Leave your Perfect Money or Payeer wallet at the end of the comment.

Each registered user of our monitoring blog can take part!

You can fulfill one of two conditions or participate in two at the same time! In this case, your chances of winning will increase significantly!

Date of review: 5 January!

Total prize pool: $300!

We will choose the winners among those who correctly fulfilled the conditions and approached the task as creatively as possible.

Winners of the contest number 1. "Summing up the outgoing 2019 in the hype industry": 1-place - $25, 2-place - $20, 3-place - $15, 4-5-place - $10, 6-15-place - 7$.

Winners of the contest №2. "New Year mood": 1-place - $25, 2-place - $20, 3-place - $15, 4-5-place - $10, 6-15-place - 7$.

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  1. Marina 10 January 2020 20: 47

    Thanks so much for the prizes! Cool was a competition!
    06.01.20/05/44 5.00:16414757 Receive Received Payment 12409199 USD from account U296997433 to account U2020. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year XNUMX”

    06.01.20/05/40 5.00:16414757 Receive Received Payment 12409199 USD from account U296997120 to account U2020. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year XNUMX”
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  2. Lumin 9 January 2020 17: 47

    Thanks for the great contest and prizes!
    Received Payment 25.00 USD from account U16414757. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
    Received Payment 15.00 USD from account U16414757. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
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  3. Sofiya 8 January 2020 11: 53

    Thanks for the prize, it's nice to receive a gift from your blog!
    Received Payment 10.00 USD from account U16414757. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
    A complaint
  4. Lex5964 7 January 2020 00: 15

    Thank you all received!)
    06.01.20/05/40 5.00:16414757 Receive Received Payment 19006836 USD from account U296997107 to account U2020. Batch: 06.01.20. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 05” 45/5.00/16414757 19006836:296997500 Receive Received Payment 2020 USD from account UXNUMX to account UXNUMX. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year XNUMX”
    A complaint
  5. Nik888 6 January 2020 17: 22

    Thank you:
    The amount of 5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16414757. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”. Date: 05:42 06.01.20. Batch: 296997269.
    A complaint
  6. Natalia 6 January 2020 16: 34

    Thank you for the prize of 15 USD; a nice gift for the new year; Received Payment 15.00 USD from account U16414757 to - U ****. Batch: 296997384. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
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  7. Anzhel 6 January 2020 15: 53

    Thanks for the contest and prize!
    + 5.00 USD
    Date: 06.01.2020 09: 21: 02
    ID: 919358647
    Details: P35696906
    Amount: 5.00 USD
    Comment: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
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  8. 4difeer666 6 January 2020 15: 44

    Thank you for the prizes: 01.06.20/05/39 20.00:20.00 Account Receive +16414757 Received Payment 18183296 USD from account U296997012 to account U2020. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year XNUMX”
    01.06.20/05/43 20.00:20.00 Account Receive +16414757 Received Payment 18183296 USD from account U296997361 to account U2020. Batch: XNUMX. Memo: Prize from “New Hyip-Year XNUMX”
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  9. silver_profit 6 January 2020 15: 06

    Thank you for the prizes in the New Year contest!

    The amount of 5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16414757-> U1. Memo: Prize from "New Hyip-Year 2020". Date: 05:41 06.01.20. Batch: 296997136.

    The amount of 5 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U16414757-> U1. Memo: Prize from "New Hyip-Year 2020". Date: 05:45 06.01.20. Batch: 296997514.
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  10. matrix2000 6 January 2020 11: 26

    Thanks for the admin contest!
    + 5.00 USD
    Date: 06.01.2020 09: 20: 04
    ID: 919358243
    Details: P35696906 → P1012407404
    Amount: 5.00 USD
    Comment: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
    + 5.00 USD
    Date: 06.01.2020 09: 18: 05
    ID: 919357436
    Details: P35696906 → P1012407404
    Amount: 5.00 USD
    Comment: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
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  11. SlyFoX 6 January 2020 10: 21

    Thank you for an exciting competition and generous prizes!
    Transaction Date: January 06 2020 09: 14
    Operation ID: 919356146
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    obtaining Amount: $ 25.00
    Commentary: Prize from "New Hyip-Year 2020"

    From: P35696906
    Transaction Date: January 06 2020 09: 19
    Operation ID: 919358189
    Type of transaction: Transfer
    Status: Done
    obtaining Amount: $ 5.00
    Commentary: Prize from "New Hyip-Year 2020"

    From: P35696906
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  12. n1kto253 6 January 2020 09: 30

    Prize received, thank you!
    + 10.00 USD
    Date: 06.01.2020 09: 15: 27
    ID: 919356463
    Details: P35696906 → P1014957841
    Amount: 10.00 USD
    Comment: Prize from “New Hyip-Year 2020”
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  13. richmonkey 6 January 2020 09: 23

    Prizes paid out!
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  14. richmonkey 5 January 2020 20: 52

    So, today is January 5th, which means that it's time to take stock of our New Year's competition in which we will now distribute $300... We decided to change the awards starting from the 6th place and distribute prizes to all participants!

    I would like to say thank you to all the participants for the TOP-s, as well as for the creativity in the second competition!

    Results for competition # 1. "Summing up the results of the outgoing 2019 in the HYIP industry":

    1 SlyFoX - [Prize $ 25]
    2 4difeer666 - [Prize $ 20]
    3 Lumin - [Prize $ 15]
    4 n1kto253 - [Prize 10 $]
    5 AlexFanat - [Prize $ 10]
    6 Logika28 - [Prize $ 5]
    7 Lex5964 - [Prize $ 5]
    8 Marina - [Prize 5 $]
    9 silver_profit - [Prize 5 $]
    10 AlexFanat - [Prize $ 5]
    11 MrFox - [Prize 5 $]
    12 benom777 - [Prize 5 $]
    13 megagoud1 - [Prize 5 $]
    14 Nik888 - [Prize $ 5]
    15 matrix2000 - [Prize 5 $]
    16 udimka - [Prize 5 $]
    17 kopalas2320 - [Prize 5 $]

    Results for competition # 2. "Good New Year spirit":

    1 Lumin - [Prize $ 25]
    2 4difeer666 - [Prize $ 20]
    3 Natalia - [Prize $ 15]
    4 Sofiya - [Prize $ 10]
    5 Logika28 - [Prize $ 10]
    6 benom777 - [Prize 5 $]
    7 Marina - [Prize 5 $]
    8 Slepoiman - [Prize $ 5]
    9 SlyFoX - [Prize $ 5]
    10 matrix2000 - [Prize 5 $]
    11 maria1993 - [Prize 5 $]
    12 Vlad2020 - [Prize 5 $]
    13 PoJop - [Prize 5 $]
    14 Lex5964 - [Prize $ 5]
    15 silver_profit - [Prize 5 $]
    16 megagoud1 - [Prize 5 $]
    17 Jaba007 - [Prize $ 5]
    18 Anzhel - [Prize $ 5]
    19 MrFox - [Prize 5 $]
    20 AlexFanat - [Prize $ 5]
    21 Garik20 - [Prize 5 $]
    22 kopalas2320 - [Prize 5 $]

    Once again, Happy New Year, everyone!

    PS Payments tomorrow!
    A complaint
    1. 4difeer666 5 January 2020 21: 03

      A great New Year gift from the blog, thank you for giving the opportunity to speak out with your stories, and even encourage it
      A complaint
    2. Anzhel 5 January 2020 21: 08

      Thank you for the competition and for the prizes !!!
      A complaint
    3. n1kto253 5 January 2020 21: 26

      Thank you very much for interesting contests with pleasant awards!
      Congratulations to all the participants on the victory! wink
      A complaint
    4. Nik888 5 January 2020 21: 41

      Thanks to the blog for a great competition.
      I congratulate all the participants.
      A complaint
    5. matrix2000 5 January 2020 22: 48

      Thank you for the competition, Happy New Year everyone again!
      A complaint
  15. kopalas2320 5 January 2020 17: 54

    Happy New Year!

    Competition number 1. "Summing up the outgoing 2019 in the hype industry"

    1. Solid Trade Bank - for me personally, this project was the most significant not only in 2019. I have been participating in it for a very long time and have been receiving stable passive income for a long time. Despite the fact that the percentage of profitability is moderate, everything suits me and even more than!

    2. BS Finance - thought for a long time to place it first or second, nevertheless decided to place it second. I did not participate immediately after leaving the guerrilla stage, so that's how it was. The project was unambiguously remembered for its long work and a large percentage of the total profit.

    3. Fun Fishermen - although he himself did not participate in the game, he constantly watched and I missed a lot of profit here. I didn't really believe in the idea of ​​the game, because I didn't really like the external data. As it turns out, appearances are deceiving.

    4. Mindhome - an indefinite term with a large percentage and a decent period of work after leaving the guerrilla stage. Very pleased me and my friends!

    5. Mainrobots - another indefinite term, which was, if I am not mistaken, at the beginning of 2019. He also demonstrated an excellent result.

    Winners of the competition №2. "Good New Year spirit"

    "Idea for gifts to loved ones"

    Although the New Year has already passed, perhaps someone will need it in the future. It is far from a secret that there is everything on the Internet now, but it is rather difficult to find and choose something. The most important criteria when searching should be: practicality and quality of the gift. I mean that your gift should be useful and that it must be used. There should be no questions with the quality.

    I use search terms like "gifts for mom", "gifts for brother", etc. You can find a bunch of interesting things, both necessary and unnecessary. It all depends on you.

    My ideas this year were as follows: a men's wallet (everyone has money and needs to be stored responsibly, I don't understand who walks without a wallet), women's perfume, a set of whiskey (bottle and glasses)

    All with the coming and coming holidays!

    A complaint
  16. Garik20 5 January 2020 03: 44

    Competition number 2. "My Best New Year"
    Happy New Year everyone!!! All happiness, health and all the best)
    To be honest, for me the best New Year is simply, a good time to spend in a circle of seven at a large table ... When there is thick snow outside the window that covers everything around ... garlands and strewn with a beautiful rain ... I think that the decorated house outside with an abundant number of garlands will be too much. After all, the presence of two or three deer on a snow-covered lawn will create a better New Year's mood than a brightly burning house. So, from midnight, as soon as they drank a glass of champagne, celebrating the New Year, everyone went out into the street to launch the fireworks, which will turn over 100% because the people who will install it before the champagne drank stronger drinks ... And that poorly fixed fireworks will fall, set fire to the barn and create a large "volcano" that will provide firefighters with a fun festive night. And then everyone will go to sleep and when they wake up there, they will start giving each other gifts). Yes, this is the New Year I would like to celebrate, at the same time I would also find something to do for the New Year - the barn needs to be restored)
    A complaint
  17. benom777 5 January 2020 01: 27

    and here is our Christmas tree
    A complaint
    1. matrix2000 5 January 2020 02: 15

      the tree is cool)
      A complaint
  18. AlexFanat 5 January 2020 00: 53

    Competition number 2. "New Year mood"

    Theme of the story: "New Year's story from childhood."

    New Year's evenings are never held in the same mood, thus I want to remember only auspicious stories on this long-awaited evening. I will try to plunge you into my world of children's stories under an elegant Christmas tree. Fortunately, it was not so long ago, although more than 20 years have already passed. So I'm pouring myself some tea, and I'm starting my cherished story straight from my New Year's childhood.

    I have been waiting for that day literally from the beginning of January last year, thus I always tried to study for round marks. Thanks to which my parents could appreciate my potential at its true worth, and Santa Claus could learn about my desires in the end.

    And then that day came quite unexpectedly, unexpectedly. Together with my mom and dad, I decorated the tree and gradually prepared for the New Year. Before that, I wrote my cherished wish under the Christmas tree, during which I expected to see a prefix called Sega. It's just that I already had a prefix called Dandy at that point in time.

    We ate and drank. The cake is delicious, mom cooked it, dad made compote, watched TV and went to bed. I tried my best to spy on the New Year tree, thereby expecting to see Santa Claus with a long-awaited surprise for me.

    This is exactly how it was, but in an instant I fell asleep soundly and sweetly on my bed.

    It was getting light. I got up to the toilet and walked next to the tree, saw a gift under it, there were sweets and there was a box with a cherished picture. I immediately opened the sweets, but with the prefix I decided to wait anyway, I just wanted to do everything with my family.

    A little later, we all stood up together, opened the gift, and began to look more closely at this surprise. There was a similar prefix on the Sega, it's a pity only one thing, there was no cartridge with it at that time. We decided to go to the store and purchase a cartridge in order to test the console in the game key.

    After buying the cartridge, I was in for a certain disappointment, it just turned out that this prefix was a Dandy, although in every possible way it reminded me of Sega. We already understood this at the moment when I tried to insert the cartridge and start the game. Thus, the cartridge was different from the nest itself ... So from that moment I already had two such prefixes, and for my parent's birthday they still gave me Sega.

    And after all this, I learned a lesson for my whole life. The essence of which was that it was necessary to believe in a miracle. Even regardless of any minor disappointments, because in the New Year there are situations with a favorable end. That's for sure.

    I wish everyone a pleasant New Year mood, a great pastime and a stable 2020!

    Theme of the story: "How do you create yourself a New Year mood?"

    Although there is no snow on the street, after downloading films about the New Year's theme, various musical selections in this direction, buying food and drinks in advance, placing a Christmas tree and dressing it up on New Year's Eve. All this helps to the maximum to translate even the most mysterious story into reality.

    And you can also invite friends, relatives, neighbors and acquaintances to your home. Then the New Year's table will certainly shine in a special way, and you will get the maximum mood from the time spent at the table.

    And in the morning you can still eat Olivieshka, washed down with champagne.
    Sounds like you're an aristocrat. You drink champagne in the morning once a year, and you rest as much as you want and eat to the full.

    We must appreciate the New Year, this is really one of the best events in the whole year!

    A complaint
  19. udimka 5 January 2020 00: 48

    Competition number 1. "Summing up the outgoing 2019 in the hype industry"

    There are not as many really powerful and top projects in a year as we would like, here is my personal list of favorites:

    1. DerGlobal is a project that entered the active phase back in 2018 with trend marketing 2,1% per day for 20 days. To be honest, I did not expect that the admin would be able to survive the New Year's holidays, but in the end he not only survived them, but also paid for quite a long time for such marketing, the admin surely went into 2019 and at the same time worked without any vacations, as many like it admins to do for the New Year.

    2. Bitaeon is one of the top piggy banks of 2019. Although probably top not quite the right word. The project worked legendary. It appeared on the network in 2018, survived the New Year and paid for a very long time in 2019. The saddest thing is that I missed this project, and the project made it possible to earn 400% of net profit. Fantastic.

    3. Funny Fishermen is the top economic game of 2019. In general, there were enough games, but most are either fast or show weak results. This admin changed my mind about games. It can be seen that the soul is invested here, some new chips are constantly being invented and thanks to this interest in the game does not fade away. The admin is handsome. Now the second season is launched and it shows that the admin is set to work here as well.

    4. Mindhome is my favorite 2019 indefinite term. I went into it right away as I recognized this admin. In this category of projects, it rarely comes out to bring investors to a profit, since marketing is very difficult, but I do not know how, but the admin constantly shows impressive results. This time it really exceeded my expectations. An indefinite term is good for an investor because after reaching breakeven, you can relax and enjoy your profit every day right up to the project's scam. There is no need to think about when to exit the project.

    5. BsFinance - a project from a well-known admin with the same marketing 2,1% per day for 20 days. The admin does not change his traditions. This time, at the beginning, there was a limit on the maximum amount of the deposit, and over time this amount increased. Here I earned almost 200% of the net profit. Admin fire. He always covers everyone with profit. Only the lazy could not make money here.

    Happy New Year. I will not wish you fewer scams, since it depends more on the admins, say, let there be more profitable projects this year. I will say it differently: I wish each of you personally to be very scrupulous in the choice of projects and not to feed any slag with your money. Then there will be more profit in your pocket. It is better to have fewer projects in the portfolio, but so that 90% of them are closed with a plus for you.

    A complaint
  20. MrFox 5 January 2020 00: 42

    Contest №2 "How do you create yourself a New Year's mood?"

    Happy New Year! I wish prosperity and prosperity to your families! The New Year's mood, of course, begins with decorating the house with all sorts of New Year's accessories and garlands, the Christmas tree is dressed up, tangerines and sweets are bought. At the festive table, there must be an Olivier salad. Firecrackers, sparklers, fireworks - now there is a huge selection of all sorts of fun. It's very cool to go out into the courtyard after the chiming clock and launch an elegant fireworks display! And of course champagne! New Year is a special holiday and I am sure everyone is waiting for it with a pleasant anticipation of happiness and faith in the best !!!

    "New Year's story from childhood"

    I remember my friends and I decided to celebrate the New Year without adults - they themselves have a friend in the hut.))) Preparation was in full swing a few months before the holiday. We carefully selected the menu for the New Year's table, fireworks, decorations ... On December 31, in the morning, everyone gathered and began to cook - so many salads were crumbled, cooked, steamed, fried. While everyone was preparing, drinking beer and having fun more and more. As a result, when they sat down to celebrate, they were already pretty drunk and the young body could not stand overeating and mixed alcohol (champagne, wine, before that beer)))) Half the night had fun as best they could, the rest of the time I remember vaguely, but my head and stomach ached very much the next day and my mother sympathetically gave me a mineral water and activated charcoal.))) But the memory remained for life and I remember that New Year with a smile))).

    "Idea for gifts to loved ones."

    It is advisable to choose a gift not at random, but to find out beforehand, not intrusively, what a person needs. It will be much more useful than a pointless trinket that will collect dust on the shelves afterwards. A win-win option, I think the original cups are never superfluous, since they tend to break, I know from myself.)) Mom, grandmother, sister can be presented with beautiful baking dishes (mine love to cook). You can also spy on what creams, perfumes, lipsticks they use and order exactly the same ones, so as not to miscalculate. Belts, cufflinks, eau de toilette, something from clothes, for example, a stylish sweater, are suitable for close men. The original idea of ​​a femeli bow. My son and I last year, my wife gave me the same pajamas, only of different sizes. Very cool. In general, the main thing is that the gift should be made with soul. Happy New Year, everyone!

    A complaint
  21. matrix2000 5 January 2020 00: 15

    Happy New Year! Well, here are my top 5 Projects of 2019!)

    Competition # 1 "Top 5 Projects of 2019 on the Blog"

    The top projects are built on the basis of powerful and high-quality projects in which I participated, profit is not in the first place, because the point is a lot of interest per day if tomorrow your deposit is spent on a private jet)))

    1.BsFinance - I think no one will argue with me that this is truly the most powerful project of 2019, which made it possible for many to earn money, and who also did not adhere to the diversification rules managed to snatch a good piece)) (as I did!). More often such projects in which you make a deposit and are not afraid of losing them, of course, not everyone makes money in projects. But this admin tried to do it!). It was clearly Santa Claus! Who wanted to give us all gifts for the New Year! Guys, let's all together invite Grandfather Frost to the new 2020 year ?!))

    2. Bizzilions - In my opinion, the project was revealed closer to 2019 and showed steep results in terms of earnings, stable payments in the crypt against the background of the "Historical reversal of the trend of the crypto currency Bitcoin". The project developed in 7 mile steps, the addition of a cool Bounty program, where we could personally track the statistics of receiving all the prizes, could in fact track the activity in the project, (Where else have you seen this?) And check the work of other people, they were not classified, but were in the public domain. Different languages ​​were added to the site, a bunch of different altcoins and investment plans were constantly improving, deserved second place!

    3. Fun-Fishermen - One of the few projects that chose a cool design, work, story, with the help of which he showed a powerful 250+ project days! The admin said goodbye to his investors very warmly, even when he stopped payments, he paid back to those who were at a loss (imagine how good the admin is!). The main thing for him is not money, but to find us, investors! He closed the deposits so that no one accidentally made a deposit. And you think this is the end of the history of this project ?!). Oh no!). He promised to take into account all his mistakes and launch the second season, which will soon exceed 100 days of work !! The admin introduced a bunch of innovations that were not there last season, they clearly should extend the life of the project at least 2-3 times! And the excitement of the project is huge, even without advertising! Remember, in this project, the admin does not make money on you, he receives income as long as the treasury has money! And he will work to the end, so that there are more and more happy investors!

    4.Mindhome - Who managed to enter the forefront, once and for all, as the marketing was built, I congratulate you! You are more than just doubled))). The admin is just a demon, with such a highly profitable marketing of 6% per day, do you know how much to pull the project? 43 days CARL !!!!!!! When I saw this project, I received an answer from the above with the words, to hell with diversification !!! Depay! And I managed to snatch a little over this month, a piece of 140 +% NET PROFIT, not counting our favorite blog Rich Monkey with its refbacks. Cosmic sums flew into the project and how he pulled out such marketing even Sergei Mavrodi does not know !!! If they tell me that it was a god, I will believe him!).

    5. Boublr - It seems that someone read the name of the project and his heart stopped for a couple of seconds, so he passed this project (ahah)). I'm sorry for you, we have a record profit here = time, 400% percent of NET PROFIT !!!!, oh no, just a couple of hours of project work was not enough to have 500% of net profit)). What highly profitable projects can boast such a result in (round up) 17 days? Correctly none) (Correct me if I'm wrong). But to be the one who would reinvest in so many circles in this project?) You are clearly crazy, you need to be treated), then you already have money)))))))).

    I hope you liked my creative format for describing projects who disagree with my top?)

    A complaint
  22. MrFox 5 January 2020 00: 07

    Contest No. 1 "Summing up the results of the outgoing 2019 in the HYIP industry"

    In 2019, there were quite a few worthy profitable projects. My TOP 5 looks like this:

    5. Bitaeon - the piggy bank worked perfectly, the profit went for a long time. The admin is definitely worthy of praise! I didn't enter it right away and I regret that I left early, but I still got a profit of about 50%. We are waiting for a new equally successful project from this admin this year.

    4. Bizzilion - great preparation, great bounty program, different tricks. The project clearly showed a top result and deserved to be in the top 5. Thanks to the admin and we are waiting for more projects of the same profitable!

    3.Mainrobots - the project won with stable and profitable work. I am heartily glad that I entered this project and received excellent profits for a very long time, because the project had lifelong marketing and really worked for a long time. In positive territory 100%!

    2.El-terro - this project, which unexpectedly for me worked super cool. Great contests, webinars, lotteries, a gorgeous bounty with worthy prizes. The admin knows his business for sure and in the project I managed to earn a little more than 150%! Thank you and looking forward to new projects this year!

    1. And I want to deservedly give the first place to the BSFinance project!
    Super job and great profit. This is not the first time this admin has shown an excellent result, and many will recognize his handwriting even at the stage of partisanship. It is a sin not to use and not get a stable profit in the project. A definite plus is that even after the scam, the admin for a long time tries to pay interest and sometimes not small, so there is even an opportunity to withdraw your deposit by breaking it into parts. This is a worthy job - bravo to the administrator and we are waiting for a new project from him!

    Happy New Year to everyone and wish you only profitable projects!

    A complaint
  23. Vlad2020 4 January 2020 23: 50

    Hello everyone. I'm new, I was looking for where I can make money, I have earned a little so far, but I really want to try here. I am more interested in games, I saw an already interesting game fishermen, I will definitely go to them. I'll start small so far, I will strive!

    Competition number 2. "New Year mood"

    "New Year's story from childhood"
    I'll tell you a story from my childhood, it happened when I was 7-8 years old. Since childhood, I have loved trains. And I've always wanted to have a toy train. So that it still goes on the rails by itself. It just so happened in our family that a tradition was born to celebrate Catholic Christmas rather than New Year. And before it was less than a month. A brilliant idea came to a child's head to ask Santa Claus for a train. After all, it was the 90s in the yard, and there were three of us in the family, I understood that such a gift was quite expensive for parents, so I decided to write a letter to the wizard. I did it under the strict guidance of my father. I tried, printed out every letter, sweated over it. After difficulties in writing, we went to the post office in order to drop the envelope with the letter of desire into the mailbox. After that, I was hugged by one of the awful things in life, waiting. The days dragged on like a cistern of chewing gum. Sometimes it seemed to me that I would grow up faster than Christmas. Of course, the selection, installation and decoration of the Christmas tree helped to while away the time. By the way, we always had it magnificent and from floor to ceiling. And they always put them in the corner of the room. Glory to the tree! Christmas Eve came, according to family tradition, we set a festive table, which included sandwiches with red caviar, tangerines, Olivier and other New Year's exotics. Included was the film "Santa Claus" starring Tim Allen. After sitting with the family, we cleaned the festive table and went to bed. That night I decided to be on duty at the Christmas tree. Too much was at stake. Unfortunately, the night did not share my decision, in general, I fell asleep. A little light touched my eyes, I flew out of bed like a bullet and slipped under the tree. First I found gifts for dad and mom, then for sisters. My heart was pounding in my chest with excitement, because I did not see my gift. But as soon as I put my head down, I saw that in the very corner, under the low and fluffy branches, behind a bucket, was a box sticking out. Grandfather Frost should be thanked separately for this. But I was not at a loss. After all, I was flat and tall, in fact, as it is now, so I easily dived after him. It was my gift ... It is difficult to convey the emotions from what you saw. There was a Christmas train there. I thought of an ordinary train at Santa Claus, but this one was hundreds ... No ... A thousand times more beautiful. The locomotive had golden bells. A layer of snow covered the roof, and icicles hung from the edges. After the locomotive there was a trailer with coal, which was covered with frost. The third in the train was a passenger carriage, which apparently housed Santa Claus's assistants. On its roof, just like on the locomotive, snow poured, and icicles hung from the edges. Next was the most interesting carriage. It is called commodity. But instead of logs, stones, or flammable liquid, there were gifts. Stuffed toys, dolls, cars, balls and even a Christmas train. Completing the composition of the trolley. It had a gnome on it. When the locomotive drove on the rails, the gnome's handles were either lowered or raised. His infectious smile complemented the mischief in the whole picture. This locomotive was a wonderful gift. Of course, in my life I received many good gifts from Santa Claus and Snegurochka. But this one was especially good. He conveyed Christmas magic even in summer. Unfortunately, I could not keep this gift, if I understood all its beauty, then I would have put more effort into this. But I am infinitely grateful to these memories to Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden. Thanks to my parents for helping to believe in a miracle. Happy New Year everyone!

    A complaint
  24. benom777 4 January 2020 22: 48

    Competition number 2. "New Year mood"
    New Year is knocking at the door, New Year has already arrived!

    How I adore this time of the year, I always want to believe in a miracle in the winter.
    I took this topic as the basis of my story "How do you create a New Year's mood for yourself?"
    I have a big family, children, wife. And I need to always understand the fact that a fairy tale should be not only a fairy tale for my children, but also for me and my beloved wife. And I often try to translate this magic word into my life so that all members of my family can celebrate the upcoming new year in full.
    My wife and I are trying to beautifully decorate the Christmas tree, purchase gifts at the request of the children, set a large table with various sweets, and dress up in warm sweaters. Congratulate all your loved ones and relatives, surprise your children, and much more. New Year is like that, you always don't know what to expect from it, but you always want to believe in the best. In particular, in a fairy tale, it just allows you to dream about the most pleasant moments of the winter miracle.
    Preparation for NG begins in the morning of December 31st, preliminary purchase of gifts and snacks takes place on December 30th. Knowing our queues, I always want to hurry up in this regard. So that on December 31st, tightly deal with the Christmas tree, decorations, toys, a table, a fabulous mood. And everyone's favorite films and cartoons are on TV. And there the president is not far off ...
    In the morning, the children get up in utter delight. They just don't know what we know about their desires.
    Who if not us? Of course, this New Year's holiday should be exclusively in the family hearth. Adults and children make a fairy tale in their own way!
    I wish everyone a winter miracle in the New Year 2020! All health and blessings !!! P1003793021
    A complaint
  25. matrix2000 4 January 2020 22: 42

    Happy New Year to everyone, at the moment already with the past). I wish everyone in the new year to have time to do everything that you have planned! I want to tell you my stories:

    Contest No. 2 "New Year's Story from Childhood"

    I remember as a child I really wanted some bright fireworks, you know how diverse they are, especially in the low price segment. But I just wanted a big one, which is not like ordinary firecrackers or something like them, I wanted a real fireworks with charges flying out of it into the sky!) And when I bought this long-awaited big fireworks, my pants were full of joy. And now the moment has come, the new year has already struck its hour, everyone emptied their glasses of champagne, ate a little and dressed together, went out into the street to start the fireworks! Since I really wanted it, I was entrusted to run it. I found a dry, level place and put it down, setting the fuse on fire was not a problem, but I forgot about the most important thing, since I did not deal with such fireworks, I did not think that it needed to be fixed)). And do you understand what happened next?). I lit the fuse and ran to everyone, and everyone stood near the wall of the house. Then everything happens with enchanting screams, the first salvo flies into the sky, all so joyful, and the second flies straight at us (thank God, it doesn't hit anyone) but hit the wall, and you could feel the shock wave, as if a hammer had been hit on the leg)) ... In short, everyone ran into the entrance with a squeal, and at that time no one thought that it was my mistake, since everyone was wildly funny and funny, there were 9 volleys, he still fired into our house, only fragments from the fireworks flew into the entrance (sparks and etc.). Words cannot convey, but it was the most memorable new year in my life).

    Contest №2 "How do you create yourself a New Year mood?"

    Usually, the New Year mood does not pass me by! But the main fuel for the mood comes from family and friends, whom I watch as they prepare for the new year, dress up, masquerades, and much more. Usually, before the new year, people have corporate parties, meetings with friends and get-togethers with relatives. Usually, from this moment, the New Year mood appears when you, with your family (friends), decorate the house, tree, table and pets)). Everyone gives gifts to each other, chat on various topics, make new friends, relax, watch their favorite films that are shown on New Year's Eve (only the snow is missing, which forgets about us)). And most people expect after the New Year, a little rest, which only does what enhances the New Year's mood)). Someone's relatives live in different parts of the planet, which makes it difficult for them to meet and they usually meet on New Year's, which also enhances the New Year's mood!

    Contest No. 2 "My Best New Year"

    The chances of my imagination are of course small, but still I will tell you what a new year seems ideal for me! Of course, everyone wants to celebrate the New Year with their relatives and close friends. But I'm sure that not all relatives, like mine, live in the same city. I would like to celebrate the New Year at least once with those who are so lacking. My relatives are in Russia, Spain and Turkey, who are at a distance of 3000 to 7000 km from me. And you yourself understand that it is almost impossible to gather everyone in one place, someone does not have time, opportunity, people also have their own families, etc. But if you imagine the perfect New Year, then meeting it with all the relatives with whom we so rarely see each other would be the best in my life!

    Contest №2 "Idea for gifts to loved ones"

    I am a supporter of giving only useful things, I do not like giving trinkets, like magnets, etc. (don't hit me) if they don't ask me for them as a gift). Usually it's easier with friends, you can give almost anything, especially in a comic form, the gift is not important for us, the main attention). Usually we make gifts for friends for their birthday, March 8, February 23, etc. But for the New Year, we only need our own company in a quiet environment, or vice versa)). With my family, I am straightforward as the uninterrupted work of the Solid Trade Bank project)). I ask what they want or what they need and give it to them! They do the same to me).

    If someone has read to the end, then I wish you a Happy New Year again! Good luck this year!
    A complaint
  26. benom777 4 January 2020 22: 37

    Competition number 1. "Summing up the outgoing 2019 in the hype industry"
    My top 5 among investment projects in 2019.
    1. El-terro - the project was remembered for its high-quality work, it was possible to raise normal money in a short period of time. It is also worth highlighting the marketing itself.
    2. В2В Jewelry - I haven't met similar legends for a long time, in which I want to believe. Although the emerging stores provide a serious emotional background around this project. I like the administrator's approach to his work.
    3. Boublr - I think this project can be attributed to the surprise of the past year. You could get a lot of profit directly in the crypt. The admin is great.
    4. Ginvest - the admin definitely surprised the people, the first time with his work, the second time by distributing insurance from his pocket. Support for bloggers at the level.
    5. BSfinance - who does not know the grandfather, everyone knows the grandfather. It is difficult to confuse this kind of marketing, this is a feature of this exceptional admin. Hopefully in 2020 it will appear again and give us all a profit.
    I wish everyone a Happy New Year and profit !!! P1003793021
    A complaint
  27. AlexFanat 4 January 2020 21: 54

    Competition number 1. "Summing up the outgoing 2019 in the hype industry"

    Another stable year in the industry, especially in terms of the admins already loved by everyone. It's just that they always return to the pedestal of our honorary Olympus at least once a year.

    Top 10 .

    First place.
    BS Finance - for me this project is the key to our stability in investments for 2019, because thanks to it, many investors were able to increase their wallets and budgets. Thus, having secured itself with a kind of safety cushion for subsequent investments, but already in other projects on the blog. The marketing of the project was simply amazing, and the limits helped to keep the cash and keep investors in good shape. His national project could clearly be called by the result. Plus, even with critical problems, the admin was able to surprise people by continuing to pay investors serious interest. We are waiting for this admin in 2020!

    Second place.
    Bizzilion - here, for sure, you could raise money not only in investment options, but also get your own benefit with a decent bounty program! Bounty payments went to bitcoin wallets. And especially generously, the admin appreciated Facebook and a special cryptocurrency forum. The project developed gradually, without any distortions, although then it was difficult to find an alternative to it. Fortunately, the belief in a good profit allowed investors to act in the "here and now" mode. We are waiting for this admin in 2020, thus his projects clearly cannot be skipped in practice.

    Third place.
    Fun-fisherman - This project came back to us in the second season, although the first season was just amazing. How much profit the admin gave is hard to calculate at first glance. And records at local auctions fully reflected the whole essence of this wonderful project. A small minimum wage for withdrawal, VIP-statuses, bounty program. All this allowed investors to follow their own profit every day. In the second season, the admin made even more competent marketing, regularly updating the available characters and various goodies in the form of profitable buns. We expect great work in 2020 from the admin, since the first season of 2019 will clearly be remembered by investors for a long time.

    Fourth place.
    Boublr - this project just surprised and impressed me on the spot, because no one expected such a doubler at the end of the year. And even in cue ball. But the admin just made the impossible - possible, going through a few glorious laps and bringing people just tons of profit as a result. A very successful time of the year was selected by the admin, thereby smooth development contributed to such a serious coincidence. So whoever went through one circle could safely go for reinvest without any fear for their money. Only play with profit, only hardcore. We are waiting for this admin in 2020, definitely.

    Fifth place.
    El-terro - the project was liked by many investors from the very first minutes of time, because the constant draws and favorable tariff plans could not pass by experienced investors. Due to quick withdrawals and regular reinvestments, this admin was able to show his best side. Thus, securing a place of honor at number 5 on my list. The bounty program has contributed to additional earnings within the project, so all the ways to make money are good. The main thing is to be at the right time, in the right place. We are waiting for the admin in 2020!

    Sixth place.
    8bit - constant distribution of dogs, regular deposits, reinvestments and payments, all this has the most favorable effect on the work of this project. The admin immediately entered the New Year stably, having previously set a serious bar for many investors. Marketing provides a constant boost to the project, so we look forward to even more powerful work this year.

    Seventh place.
    Mainrobots is a strong-minded admin, a very powerful strategic presentation, favorable background, serious investments. This is all that happened in the final presentation of my information about this admin. At that time, the cryptocurrency could easily be doubled, and only after that, you could catch the difference on the course and provide yourself with an even more worthy profit. We are waiting for the admin in 2020.

    Eighth place.
    Emine - when you think about cryptocurrency, this project and the admin in general often come to mind. Especially if we take into account the large percentages on the total, this directly clearly fits into my memory. Super admin, super features. We are waiting for this admin in 2020, of course.

    Ninth place.
    B2B Jewelry - shops on the ground, a lot of noise around pebbles, it all came together. The administration of the whole network was able to rally around itself many investors from all over the world, thereby providing them all with one idea. And it was also nice to receive some investment certificates for investors. We are looking forward to serious work from the admin in 2020.

    Tenth place.
    Bitaeon - this admin was able to surprise the people, definitely. Successful serve, serious piggy bank, success in everything. Very fond memories after the work of the admin, and even now I often want to see such projects in the investment portfolios of investors. We are waiting for a new project from the admin in 2020.

    I want to congratulate all investors on the New Year!

    A complaint
  28. 4difeer666 4 January 2020 19: 51

    Contest No. 1 "Summing up the results of the outgoing 2019 in the HYIP industry"

    I tried to include the best projects on the blog, in which I myself earned! Happy Holidays, everyone! U18183296

    First place: Bitaeon. This is absolutely definitely a magical project. A piggy bank, into which you could enter and exit as much as you like, and still manage to get profit. 400% profit, those who were not yet in the industry at that time will definitely not believe that this is possible. And all this on the cue ball before the growth, therefore, the net profit has multiplied. After 200% profit, people already thought that these were shares of some bank)) I also saw in some chats that the billionaire decided to take pity on the poor and give them money. And after such work , thinking about it does not seem so meaningless. Definitely the first place, such projects appear every 2-3 years.

    Second place: Mindhome. The project, the admin of which people are waiting for no less than everyone's beloved grandfather, and he continues to prove that it is not in vain. About 250% profit (not pure), only the lazy did not double his contribution to this project. No matter how it was. difficult for the project, after all, the admin was easily recognizable, depots of thousands of dollars flew into him at the beginning of his work, he calmly digested them, what about small depots. I still think that he worked with a pillow, because with such depots it is difficult to keep the cash desk always in good condition, a serious plus was that the admin hardly spent on listings, only issued insurance. The excitement around the project was visible to everyone. Only from Rich. about 17 thousand $ went into the project in a month. And marketing, which is highly profitable, did not interfere with good work. It is very pleasant, especially in difficult times for HYIPs, that admins think not only about themselves, though there are not so many of them left .. ..

    Third place: Emine. It would seem that the project did not even pass 2 rounds. But in projects that have plans to double their contributions, people will reinvest without waiting for the end of the first investment. And whoever did this, quietly doubled their contributions. An important aspect is that for a long time it was a crypto-specialist. which, in general, did not spread much in the CIS, like Mindhome, which most likely influenced the work of the project. To double the crypt, which already has all the growth potential was very, very pleasant, the project did not take a commission for withdrawing the cryptocurrency, as others do projects. In addition, instant payments, and what else is needed. I hope the admin in his next project will call us again

    Fourth place: Bsfinance. Everyone's beloved grandfather, who visits us 1-2 times a year. It seems to me that even beginners understood that this is one of the few projects in which you can pump in and pump in money. Everyone's favorite marketing, which more than once does not let investors down. After working for almost 4 months the project ended its activity, giving about 200% of PURE profit, excluding referrals. There is even nothing special to add. When I looked at the applications for insurance after the scam, I looked and wondered why people come so late. Of course, this can be for various reasons, at least there was simply no money. But really in 4 months, for such a project, money appears only by 4, well, it's hard to believe. since there were a lot of them, which allowed us to give full 3, and a little short of 4, I hope that 5 will be no less productive year of work for my grandfather than in 6

    Fifth place: Boublr. According to the percentage of profit, the absolute record holder within the blog. It seems to me that no one, absolutely, did not expect such work. Doubling the deposits in the cue ball, in a little more than 4 days, is just some kind of madness, it seems to me that the absence of huge reinvestments played a big role. after 1-2 laps and a cushion of the project, I think many have seen contributions of 0.2 btc and so on, there are some doubts that these are not real contributions. But this does not diminish the admin's merits. The project could simply be recaptured all losses in a year , but the majority did not, simply because of diversification, and it was difficult to predict that with such marketing the project would work so much. I will hope that subsequent projects will not be re-closed by the admins.

    Sixth place: Fun-fisherman. Probably the most honest and open admin from the CIS. A project where there were many different options to get rich: these are ordinary fishermen, and a bank, and Tamagotchi, and auctions, and ponds, aquariums. Who likes what options, in general. There has not been such an interesting project for a very long time, there is not even anything to compare with. This is what is called a real economic game. Where you can lose profit (without collecting a catch every 12 hours, or without picking up for Tamagotchi ). Or where you could get a guaranteed profit, but less than that of analogs (bank). But as for me, the most ingenious idea of ​​the project is aquariums. About 150k went to the cashier for all starts. And the users themselves multiplied their contributions. And also after stopping the pace of the live queue, the admins reimbursed a possible percentage on the balance for the purchase of special fish. It was very interesting for me to work with the project. But the project did not just leave with honor, it also launched the second version of the project ( in fact restart) at very tight limits, which meant that they did not care about the work of the project, because they would simply be thrown at the start, letting them work for a maximum of 2 months. Just respect for such an administrator who has a team of 3 people: economist (for the schedule additions) the programmer, and the administrator himself. Also a huge advantage of the second version is the complete absence of advertising costs, I hope that the second version will be no worse than the first.

    Seventh place: Bizzilion. Although the project itself started at the end of 2018, but as for me, it showed its main power in 2019. A quiet, calm cryptocurrency, until some time. As far as I remember, his first plan doubled his contribution, and the contribution was at the end (maybe wrong) But the most delicious plans have gone since February this year, as well as the addition of major altcoins. The project immediately gained popularity. After that, a bounty was added, which significantly increased the profit, later it was slightly reduced, but many managed to earn decent money on the old one.
    I received 30% of the total profit from the project. In general, a double contribution in cue ball, a double contribution in the air + bounty. I am very glad that I believed in the project at the start, without any insurance, and waiting for plans with the included depot. There should be a new project from them soon. I will wait!

    Eighth place: El-terro. An interesting project with interesting marketing and an excellent bounty from a good admin. It was possible to simply write off payments and deposits on the site to receive money. Officially, it is better than a bounty, not for video reviews of this year. And the work of the project itself did not disappoint, you can almost double the deposits, this is without a bounty, but with a bounty, almost triple (depending on the size The project seemed to start aggressively, I personally believed in it only for 3 weeks, after which I performed only a bounty, and still managed to double the deposit. It's even a little offensive, because I originally planned to make a deposit for 5, well, again, diversification, and who knew that the project would work like that, after all, past work does not always show the mood of the administrator. I am glad that very few people from the blog played in the project, and the insurance covered 100%.

    Ninth place: Tresor. Probably the quietest project from my top. A project without converting cryptocurrency, I think she should have invested in the project, in excellent plans, although with a return of the deposit after the end of the deposit. The project made it possible to double the deposits. Especially there was no noise anywhere, and as it turned out, the project This was not necessary. Also in the project there was a bounty, not very profitable, but quite easy, it was possible to get additional profit. There is nothing to add to the project and there is nothing, as I already said, the project was quite calm, and calmly distributed the profit to people

    Tenth place: 8bit. The last project in the top I wanted to highlight, in my opinion, the most promising of the workers for 2020. Not a highly profitable project that is intended for large investors, although you cannot say this by the number of minimum investments. Marketing, as for me, is ideal for people who do not want to fight. in a panic, and every day strictly on time to withdraw their charges. There are almost all less well-known cryptocurrencies. But there is a commission to withdraw them from the project, so the project is also for large investors (especially in the cue ball) It is also very convenient that you can choose the working time your deposit, and there are many options to choose from, everyone will be able to find a suitable add profit from the project
    A complaint
  29. megagoud1 4 January 2020 19: 11

    Competition 1

    1.Shark Capitals is a good landing page. The site is well thought out, as the richman says, it develops gradually, therefore, it will live for a long time.

    2.Mindhome - 6% is not bad enough, similar to the Trinity project a couple of years ago, which gave 3.33% per day. I flew into this project late, so I failed. But insurance has covered most of it.

    3. Taxi-money game that has been afloat for more than 2000 days. 2000 days, just think how many years this game has already lived, most likely it will still live as much. Maybe more.

    4.big money is an interesting game that has been around for half a year. I think that she will be monitored for a couple of years. Profit for everyone in this investment platform.

    5. В2В Jewelry - or a game with a real chain of stores. In principle, a well-prepared project awaits success here, invest faster in order to win back sooner and get profit

    I wish you all a good profit, I wish you happiness and health !!!

    A complaint
  30. 4difeer666 3 January 2020 19: 22

    Happy New Year everyone! I wish you, with the help of the industry, to achieve your most desired goals!

    Competition No. 2 "New Year's Story from Childhood"
    For some reason, mainly among children and adolescents, the New Year is associated with gifts. For me, this topic has been closed from the age of 7. with their parents. And for many many years this remained a dream of mine, which I always darted about to my parents. Now I understand that it was very difficult to do this, since relatives from Mom live in Voronezh, relatives from the Pope in Kazakhstan, and some in Moscow, and in order to gather them all in Saratov, it was necessary to negotiate since the last New Year. Of course, sometimes they came to us both from Moscow, and from Voronezh, and from Kazakhstan, but separately. I was always happy to celebrate the New Year in a big company. So my parents and I went to their friends for the New Year. And you know what happened. Mom and Dad receive calls from relatives saying, are you not at home? Friends did not live far away, and we celebrated the New Year on the street (letting fireworks, playing snowballs), because everyone was already tired of sitting at home at such a magical time. I immediately ran home, after 2 minutes I was already there. And I see 4 cars at the entrance, I run up and see that everyone is standing here, absolutely EVERYTHING, both from Moscow, and from Voronezh, and from Kazakhstan. It turned out that it was all organized by Grandma with Grandfather, who arrived a little later. Since we didn't have much at home, we invited them to celebrate with us, we had a company of 25 people, it's good that there was a huge playground near the house where everyone fit. How happy I was then , especially because Mom said that they all have things to do, and no one is coming No, and they decided to surprise me with such a surprise. In the end, I want to say, always believe in your dream, because during the New Year there is a very high probability of its fulfillment.

    "How do you create yourself a New Year mood?"

    For me, as on the first topic, it was possible to understand that New Year is the main holiday, I don’t expect my birthday as it was. Therefore, it was quite easy for me to cheer myself up the New Year's mood, but looking at my friends I could always determine if they had it or no. If not, then everyone understood that now I would create it. It goes without saying that it is easier and better to create it in winter. Since I am not a home person, I don’t particularly like to sit at home, we immediately went outside. There were many many snow, I ran home for the Bengal lights, another friend of mine ran after the firecrackers. Having met in the same place, we began to conduct a ceremony to increase the New Year's mood)))) First, it was necessary to cheer him up, because if a person is in a bad mood, then try After completing this point, we began to build a winter city, this is our tradition with friends, always when there is a lot of snow, we start to build a small town, it seems like nothing like that, but no one has ever given up on it. Having made a small stadium, we set fire to it and put it there sparkler. At that moment it was still the time of the Olympic Games, so we imagined that it was a stadium in Sochi with the Olympic flame. Also, the fireworks that people launched across the street from us helped a lot. And at that moment we banged firecrackers. The whole city was filled up sparkles that reflected well from the lanterns. The whole city revived. We stood and rejoiced. And now there was no doubt that we were ready to celebrate the New Year.

    I would also like to dream up on the theme "New Year's story from childhood"

    Of course, after the New Year described in the first paragraph it will be difficult to imagine a cooler New Year, but in general there are a couple of ideas. It is logical that the basis will be taken from there, with additions. It will probably look like an addition to the first topic, but what can you do) ) And so, all the relatives came from Voronezh, and from Kazakhstan, and from Moscow, you went to celebrate the New Year with your friends, and our company was not small, about 25 people. My Godfather (from Moscow) says we missed all your fireworks here, but brought our own, let's start it, my friends and I are of course delighted. After the fireworks, we decided to go in 9 cars (since we were on the street, everyone was sober) for the city, my mother's friends had a big house in which they usually arrange holidays. Arriving there, we found that there is much more snow here than in the city (logical). My friends and I went to make snow women, and the adults got the barbecues from the garage and began to fry kebabs. The female representatives of the adults went into the house to cook the table, and my dads and my relatives watched us. Everyone became friends, but also a little sad, realizing that everyone was from different cities and they would rarely meet. In general, my friends and I had about 7 snow women and we ran into the house to find something to decorate them. Having obtained all the necessary resources, we secretly ran out of the house so that they would not notice us))) and began to decorate. Half an hour later, when all the meat was ready, we were all called into the house, we are all in the snow, all wet, frozen, ran to the fireplace to warm up for 10 minutes, and then joined everyone. It could not end like this, a friend's father remembered that there are a couple of snowmobiles in the garage, and of course he shouldn't have said that)) We rode them for 2 more hours, making drawings in the snow, and then let the adults play a little))) A brilliant idea came from a friend to play hide and seek, but already at home, because for a little more we would all catch a cold there, hours 7 in the snow in a day is a lot. Since we have all been in it more than once, we We found more or less places where you can hide well. In the end, it all ended with the fact that all the adults were looking for us, because the input lost us all)))) An order came from the adults so that we finally calm down, and in fact we ourselves We’re tired already. We went into the room to play the console, and already quietly go to bed.
    This is how I wanted my dream to continue, but at that moment I did not even think about it, I was happy and had a good time with all the people close to me.

    Well, the last topic "Idea for gifts to loved ones"

    As already mentioned, I am not particularly fond of receiving gifts, only manual ones, or something meaningful, but I thought that it was just a waste of time and money, it is better to set a better table on the table. But I myself like to make gifts. It's no secret that the best gift for a person is either a thing he needs, or valuable for his moral component (if a person knows how to perceive such gifts). Most often, these are gifts that seem to be not very expensive, but somehow I don’t want to buy myself. It was quite easy with friends, firstly, I don’t have so many of them, only 4 (3 girls and 1 guy), yes and I know them like the back of my 5 fingers. 2 of them love valuable gifts, and the rest are memorable gifts. I gave young connoisseurs of collectible toys from marvel, these madamas just squeal when we are going to watch any movie from marvel, and I decided to make them such a gift, the first gave a figurine of the Black Widow, and the other to Wolverine. You should have seen their reaction, I think half the city heard this squeal. But I thought a lot about a memorable gift, because of the remaining two friends, one of them is my girlfriend and give something- then the usual would be stupid, I gave my best friend a couple of playstation games, since he just bought it and there weren't many games, and he really wanted to play some games, and gave the girl a tablet in the form of a heart, where there were a lot of our joint photos, God, just forget it, I’m 3 days I spent it, but it turned out really bombing and a small chain of pandora. It was difficult with my parents to give some banal gift in the form of flowers, I didn't want to, but I didn't know what they wanted, so I had to include improvisation and knock out of them what they want Not in the first one, so it came out quite easily. Mom really wanted one dress for herself, which her dad did not want to buy (not because of money, but because he thought that mom had so many dresses). So now I asked my mom what dad would like, and I heard that he was dreaming of a new audio system in the car. I went to my father, he said yes, but now there are more important things to do, and the guy is quietly putting it off, he saved up almost half , which I supplemented and we went to buy it that same evening.
    This is how I pleased everyone, well, at least I tried. It turned out, of course, not cheap for 20 thousand, but in general it paid off by the donation process, and the emotions of people with the gift, it is so nice to watch, when you guess with a gift, these sincere emotions, which in no way not convey. Which, for me personally, is difficult to experience when they give me something. Well, I'm such a person, I don't even know what I want to receive as a gift ...

    I made myself such an atmosphere, even before the competition, it seemed like it turned out well
    Happy New Year, everyone! U18183296

    A complaint