Weekly Report 09.12.19 - 15.12.19

We continue to increase the total amount of deposits, as well as weekly profit! We have prepared a fresh weekly report. Over the past week, we have earned $ 1 in liabilities.

RichMonkey.biz appreciates its partners. We remind you that every 15 days we have an activity contest in which absolutely every registered user of our site can take part. Recommended for review:

This report focuses on the weekly 09.12.19 - 15.12.19 segment.

Getting started!

New projects

Shark capitals [NEW] - At the beginning of the week, a new medium-income investment project with the familiar termless marketing was added to the blog. It has been working for one month. The first have already recaptured half of the deposits. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

WWI Capital [NEW] - They took an interesting high-yield project to the blog. On it we have prepared a detailed text review and video review, which we recommend that you familiarize yourself! The project is under insurance in the amount of 300 $. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Clinivex [NEW] - displayed the project under the heading “Off Blog” by 11.12.19 and a couple of days later was added to the blog. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

TOP for deposits

Taxi money - We have been working with the economic game for more than three years. It works as usual and pays instant for a long time. Blog Bonus + 5 %. The turnover of our team 84 175 $.

8Bit - On the blog is more than four months. Work with moderate marketing continues. The site was given a New Year shade. The project is under insurance in the amount of 555 $. Bonus from the blog + 1-14%. The turnover of our team 17 189 $.

B2b Jewelry - the next campaign was held in the project. From December 9 to December 15, the action lasted, which promised 8.1% weekly accruals. The site has been changed and the update continues. We look forward to the final result. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500 $. Bonus from the blog + 5 %. The turnover of our team 10 125 $.

Solid Trade Bank - Another week of work with the partisan. Still stably pays under the regulations. Blog Bonus + 0.5 %. The turnover of our team 9 778 $.

Inflex capital - The project attracted our partners. In just two weeks, more than 9 000 $! If you are still thinking about investing in a project, then be sure to check out our detailed text review and do not forget about the video review! Blog Bonus + 5 %. The turnover of our team 9 050 $.

Fun Fishermen 2 - after the restart, the economic game has been working for more than two months. Last week, we bought the Seasoned Son for 5000 rubles. Also in the game was added the ability to replenish the balance of the account using mobile operators. Blog Bonus + 2.5 %. The turnover of our team 6 817 $.


Vtrende - The closed club operates in the former quiet mode without attracting attention to itself. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

TeachMeCash - received a two-week accrual. For three months the project is on our blog and shows a good result. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500 $. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Limpid capital - Two weeks remain until the completion of the first round in the framework of our blog. Looking forward to. Blog Bonus + 3 %.

Wintime - The project we are testing continues to demonstrate operability. Blog Bonus + 1 %.

Msrise - we received a jubilee 10 accrual on our deposit. The project demonstrates stable operation. The project is under insurance in the amount of 500 $. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Bigmoney - Last week, an action was announced in the economic game. When buying a start 1 bus, you will receive a start 2 bus and a start 2 minibus as a gift. + 2.5 %.

Genesis trade - The 8 short circle within the framework of the blog was completed, according to which in total it was possible to earn up to + 136% net income when considering the bonus from our blog. Excellent result! Blog Bonus + 5 %.

City money - We play in the project for more than one month. Stably pays instant. Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Roboton - demonstrates confident work. A telegram chat was opened last week. We have expanded our deposit to 700 $. Bonus from the blog + 5 %.

Epay-x - in the text review and video review they wrote / said that we will gradually increase the deposit in the project. Over the past week, we expanded our deposit to 300 $. The project changed the limit on the deposit. You can invest as much as $ 100 per week, $ 25 per day (as it was before). Blog Bonus + 5 %.

Tradfin - at the time of writing the weekly report, the draft scam. We display in the profitability table, because paid the whole past week.

Day reports

Last week we wrote the following daily reports:

Scam of the week

Last week, the following investment projects:

  • (14.12.2019) Solar lamp (60% from deposit, 21 day of work) - worked extremely poorly. Profit, one might say, no one received, unless those who bought one first lamp. Just what a profit !?

Compensation week

Last week we paid compensation for the following investment projects:

Weekly yield chart

We would like to draw your attention to the moment that the calculation of profitability is carried out from the point of view of an ordinary investor, without taking into account partner charges.

during the week
deposit with
in a day
during the week
1Shark capitals [NEW]1.8%10.8%13 000₽234₽1 404₽
2WWI Capital [NEW]7%28%200 $14 $56 $
3Clinivex [NEW]6%12%201 $12.06 $24.12 $
4Taxi money1.1%7.7%173 000₽1 903₽13 321₽
58Bit0.2%1%3 000 $6$42 $
6B2b Jewelry-%8%2 000 $-$160 $
7Solid Trade Bank0.2%1%200 $0.4 $2$
8Inflex capital2%10%2 200 $44 $220 $
9Fun Fushermen 2~ 5.5%~ 38.5%25 000₽1 375₽9 625₽
10Vtrende0.5%2.5%30 000₽150₽750₽
11TeachMeCash-%12.42%2 000 $-$248.4 $
12Limpid capital0.4%2.8%200 $0.8 $5.6 $
13Wintime0.66%4.62%6 500₽42.9₽300.3₽
14Msrise-%3.47%300 $-$10.41 $
15Bigmoney0.63%4.41%13 000₽81.9₽573.3₽
16Genesis trade-%12%100 $-$12 $
17City money2%14%6 500₽130₽910₽
18Roboton4-8%30%700 $42 $210 $
19Solar lamp4%24%198 $7.92 $47.52 $
20Epay-x~ 3%~ 21%300 $9$63 $
21Tradfin6.96%48.72%200 $13.92 $97.44 $
Total invested: 16 062 $Total revenue
in a day:

212.67 $ (+ 1.32%)
Total revenue
during the week:

1 627.92 $ (+ 10.13%)

Recommended articles of the week

Knowledge is power! We recommend our following articles for general development:

Results of the week

The week went moderately. They cost only one scam and that, from where they did not wait. Unfortunately, this happens. We continue to be in a semi-active state until the passage of the New Year period and we recommend you!

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