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Tokenizer review and feedback

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The project stopped payments (scam 16.07.2018). Current fund amount - -

About Tokenizer

Welcome, dear partners! Investment Project Monitoring prepared for you a fresh review of the project Tokenizer, which started 30 on April 2018. We will also leave our subjective opinion regarding the project.

Tokenizer - a mid-income project that works exclusively with cryptocurrencies. According to the legend Tokenizer do attachments using Blockchain digital tokens. Platform Tokenizer focused on global investors, helping them use the ever-growing market for reverse investments using Blockchain digital tokens.

Description on the site

Description on the site
Platform Tokenizer focused on global investors, helping them use the ever-growing market for reverse investments using Blockchain digital tokens. On the main sites related to cryptography, many new projects are offered, offering their markers (mostly a stake in the company), but you need to be very selective, since many of them do not give good results, and some are completely useless. Tokenizer was developed as a response to the need to screen out the best projects with real inherent value and use in real life.

Tokenizer allows users to start investing in a tokenized economy, directly paying for an individual plan using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecon or Bcash cryptocurrency currencies, regardless of the size of their investment portfolio. Funds received from users are used to purchase digital tokens during the pre-sale of tokens (preferential offers available to institutional investors or pool managers), and are subsequently sold at a profit to ensure that all users receive up to 50% of net profit from each investment made .

You can order refback in size 2.5% from your contribution. To order a refback, go to the page: order refback by HYIP and fill out the form.

Briefly about the main characteristics

We provide you with a brief description of the project. Tokenizer, which you can see on our monitoring: Link.

  • Start of the project - 30.04.2018;
  • Type of project - average;
  • The minimum contribution is from 0.01 ฿ / from 0.25 Ł;
  • The minimum output is 0.001 ฿ / from 0.004 Ł;
  • Income - fixed, from 5% per day to 7%;
  • Deposit term - about 25 days;
  • Payments - Manual payments, time limit up to 24 hours;
  • I / O commission - 0%;
  • Language versions of the site - English;
  • Payment systems - Bitcoin, Litecoin;
  • Partner program - single-level 5%;

Tokenizer Marketing Project

Tokenizer offers for work one investment plan. A floating percentage of 5% to 7% on weekdays and 2% on weekends. The deposit works for about 25 days. The body of the deposit is included in the charges. When the percentage of your income reaches 150%, your deposit will automatically complete its work. Minimum amount to invest: 0.01 BTC, 0.25 LTC. The minimum amount to withdraw 0.001 BTC, 0,004 LTC.

Tariff plan "5-7% per day"

  • Accrual on working days: 5% to 7%;
  • Charging in the outgoing days: 2%;
  • Term of the deposit: about 25 days;
  • Deposit Amount: 0.01 BTC to 50 BTC or 0.25 LTC to 2500 LTC;
  • Return of deposit: included in the charges;
  • Overall yield: 150%;
  • Net profit: 50%;

Registration in the Tokenizer project

To start investing in a project Tokenizer first you need to register. On the main page of the site in the upper right corner go to the tab “Menu”. and then "Sign Up".

Then you need to fill out a small registration form. Enter your email, your login, password, enter your wallet Bitcoin and Litecoin. Be sure to tick the agreement and click on the “Proceed With Registration” button to complete the registration.

Top up and deposit in Tokenizer

In order to create a deposit in the project Tokenizer you need to go to your personal account. Click on the “Add Funds” tab. Choose a bitcoin or lightcoin payment method, enter the amount of the deposit and click on the “Add Funds” button.

Then, choose a payment method Bitcoin or Litecoin, enter the amount of the deposit and click on the “Add Funds” button.

The project works with such payment systems:


Our contribution: 2 000 $

Cashout Tokenizer

In order to withdraw funds from the project Tokenizer you need to go to your account on the tab "Cashout".

Choose a cryptocurrency, the balance on which you have available for withdrawal, enter the amount of withdrawal and click on the "Cashout" button.


Partner program in the project Tokenizer single level and is 5% of the deposits of your partners:

  • 1 level 5%

Key feature of the project partnership program Tokenizer is that you will also receive a percentage of the daily charges of your partners. The percentage of accruals is 5% of the accruals of your partners.

Opinion about the project Tokenizer

Tokenizer An interesting cryptover we liked. In the project so far there are only two ways to invest - bitcoin and lightcoin cryptocurrencies. Ethereum cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin cache are also indicated, but they are not available. Most likely, the project is expected to be updated with the addition of these cryptocurrencies.

What do we have in the project?

One tariff plan is available with floating interest and separate interest charges on weekends; there is a one-tier affiliate program 5% from the deposit of partners, as well as 5% from the daily accruals of your partners; investing in a Tokenizer project is available only with the help of Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies; The site is available in English.

We can highlight only positive points:

  • An interesting marketing solution;
  • Unique content;
  • Unique personal account;
  • There is an opportunity to invest only by means of cryptocurrency;
  • An interesting solution with an affiliate program. Accruals 5% of partners' daily income;

This is our review of the project. Tokenizer came to an end. If you are interested in the project, then click on the “Invest” button and order a refback from us in the amount of 2.5% of your deposit.

Invest successfully and profitably with We wish you all a profit.

The project stopped payments (scam 16.07.2018). Current fund amount - -

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