- December update schedule. - December update schedule.

By tradition, we inform the schedule of updates for the next month.

9.12 The opportunity to replenish the balance with the help of Russian mobile operators. Reducing the commission for replenishment using Yandex money.
14.12 Opens the opportunity to purchase a fisherman, "Son of the Experienced."
19.12 New website design.
25.12 Adding the New Year tamagotchi "Herringbone".
29.12 Increase of profitability for keeping silver on the balance sheet for withdrawal (for owners of VIP levels).

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  1. praveen3504 29 January 2020 21: 17

    good to hear ... everything running smoothly
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  2. 4difeer666 10 December 2019 17: 50

    In general, nothing new, which means that everything is fine with the cash desk in the project, I want to participate in the Christmas tree, for the sake of interest, there will be time for NG to collect profit from it
    A complaint
  3. matrix2000 10 December 2019 15: 53

    Thanks for the news
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  4. Nik888 4 December 2019 17: 50

    Great news, thanks.
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