- Subtotals + 400% of net profit!


As part of the blog, the project successfully passed the 4 investment circle, during which time it was possible to earn up to 400% net income in just 17 days! TOPnew leader of our portfolio. Incredible results! Who wants to try their luck? Double your Bitcoin coins in 100 hours! To participate, you just need to indicate your Bitcoin address and transfer funds to the specified project address. You can also invest through Telegram bot. Exactly after 100 hours you will receive an automatic payment to your wallet. Do not forget that the project has a deposit bonus 5% and insurance in the amount of 500 $.

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  1. Nik888
    07.12.2019 01:33
    Excellent result.
  2. matrix2000
    05.12.2019 23:17
    the top result would be more of this and that the admin would do the same projects again !!!
  3. Anzhel
    05.12.2019 22:37
    Cool result!
  4. 4difeer666
    04.12.2019 20:14
    It’s already becoming a shame that I left so early, I kind of adhered to the basic hype rule
    1. matrix2000
      05.12.2019 20:26
      I also adhered to the rules of hype, but as they say it’s better to be short of time than to overtake, of course, it never knows when the project will close, if we knew we would never go minus and we would already be billionaires, and since we don’t know, we are trying to maximize ourselves alienating from losses is understandable and there isn’t such a high chance to earn more, but at least you don’t lose money
      1. 4difeer666
        06.12.2019 19:26
        This is understandable, here there is a minus and a plus at the same time .. Still, a lot depends on the mood of the administrator