- Review and review of the service for receiving cryptocurrency - Review and review of the service for receiving cryptocurrency

Everyone is talking about cryptocurrency and its relevance is increasing daily. Entrepreneurs from all over the world are in a hurry to introduce cryptocurrency into their business so that they can pay for digital services without any problems.

Both in HYIPs and in everyday life, a cryptocurrency receiving service called Paykassa.proabout which we have prepared a detailed article. In it, we will talk about methods of receiving payments, commissions of a payment gateway, registration and deposit / withdrawal of funds.

27.10.2022: terminated cooperation with the payment system Perfect Money.

About Paykassa

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrency, the number of services that began to accept it has significantly increased. Based on this, it is logical that such solutions will appear, especially with such an extensive functionality.

Firstly, - This is a service that helps to accept payments on your site and make massive payments not only in cryptocurrency, but also including many payment systems.

Using this service, you can easily set up payment acceptance for your service, which automatically gives you the opportunity to reach a large audience, which will allow digital money holders to pay for services.

Young and rapidly growing service appeared on the market in 2017 year, that is, more recently. For a short period of existence, the cryptocurrency aggregator managed to establish itself as a high-quality payment gateway.

Why do I need to accept payments in cryptocurrency on the site?

World trends are rapidly replacing one another. Yesterday paper money was replaced by bank cards, and today it is completely digital money like a cryptocurrency. The 21st century is the age of cryptocurrency. According to experts, everyone should have it. It is used not only in the HYIP industry, but also in everyday life. Cryptocurrency itself, when storing it, allows you to multiply your savings due to the growth of the rate.

Let's move on to the main question “Why do we need to accept payments in cryptocurrency on the site?” And answer it:

  • the reach and capabilities of a solvent audience are increasing;
  • convenient work with investment projects, ICOs, online stores and so on.

Payment Gateway Tariffs

For investment projects that work with cryptocurrencies Paykassa.proIs just a find. Service allows you to connect Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are replenished with 0% commission, but here the commission for withdrawal will be 2-4%, depending on the selected cryptocurrency.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, the service allows you to work with popular electronic payment systems, such as: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash and Berty.

This service offers individual conditions when working with aggregators, exchanges, ICOs and exchange points, because they believe in the future of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency wallet Paykassa

The service has a multi-currency wallet for storing cryptocurrencies, which was introduced in 2018 year. Thanks to him, through a PC or smartphone, you can make money transfers without additional fees absolutely free. Replenishment of the wallet is possible not only with the help of cryptocurrencies, but also electronic payment systems.

The benefits of a cryptocurrency wallet from

  • 0% commission for any operations in the wallet;
  • reliable protection;
  • responsive technical support.


  • lack of an internal exchanger.

Registration and payment acceptance settings

Registration in the service takes place in just two clicks. You just need to enter an email, then you will be given a user id and password that you will need to save for future use.

The setting of the merchant is quite thin. You can specify who will pay the commission, configure bulk transactions and track all the information in the statistics. In the "Merchants" section, add your site and fill out all the necessary data in the form.

Our review of Paykassa

After a detailed analysis of the service called finally you can summarize.

The aggregator has over two years of successful work. During this period, they managed to prove themselves exclusively from the best side thanks to a number of obvious advantages for both ordinary users and administrators of online stores, investment projects and so on. Many positive reviews online testify to this.

Clients of the service can work with sixteen cryptocurrencies, while easily integrating the system into any modern CMS. In addition to the merchant, there is a cryptocurrency wallet that will allow you to conveniently store cryptocurrency by buying it for fiat.

We hope that we have conveniently described for you all the advantages of this service, and you have no questions, but if you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments. We will answer them with pleasure!

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      Thanks for the review of Paykassa, it was very informative. Is it possible to make a review on PAYEER anyway? New features appeared there:08 Mar 2022 22:54Now you can make transactions on our exchange using the API protocol. To do this, go to the API tab in the side menu of your personal account. For the maker, such operations are almost free - the commission is only 0.01%. We are also working on a big update of the service and the exchange: an updated design, expanded functionality, as well as a large number of cryptocurrencies. 

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  15. Fiord 14 February 2020 20: 02

    Good afternoon. is SCAM !!!
    We worked with them on receiving payments, it’s good that we quickly found out that it was just SCAM and didn’t lose a large amount, namely this system throws its customers even $ 160
    Here are the details of these scammers
    The payment passed through their merchant:
    The payment was not credited to us:
    Although on the network it is successfully displayed:
    They simply steal the given money
    Here is the caliper answer
    When paying with cryptocurrency, customers very often do not take into account the commission of the system or do not calculate it correctly, and simply steals this money for themselves, you will not see this anywhere else only with these scammers. Draw your own conclusions if you want to lose money and have disagreements with customers, then SCAM is perfect for this. We highly recommend no one.
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