- Subtotals + 20% of net profit!


The project is also in partisan mode. Who is not the first year with us, we think we have already noticed the style of the administration, which has already proved that it gives good profit at the stage of partisanism. Be on the blog for 1 month, during this period we went through the 1 circle of investment on 20 working days and earned 20% of net profit. The 500 $ deposit was sent for reinvest. A great option for portfolio diversification. Successful and profitable investment!

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  1. fenix55
    15.11.2019 02:58
    also went into the project. let's see how it works
  2. Nik888
    12.11.2019 00:33
    Thanks for the information.
  3. 4difeer666
    11.11.2019 23:27
    Good work, also went on the air
  4. Anzhel
    11.11.2019 21:31
    Interesting working draft