- November update schedule. - November update schedule.

By tradition, we inform the schedule of updates for the next month.

4.11 Bank of Australia Opens.
7.11 The output to new payment systems comes off.
11.11 Adding a chat to the auction section.
14.11 Adding a jackpot to the auction section.
18.11 Webinar on the topic: how to start making money in the game Funny Fishermen, answers to questions. Speaker Anton (blog about making money on the Internet sofa invest).
21.11 Finalization of the section "Books".
25.11 Opens the opportunity to purchase the 1 th Boat "Splinter" and the 1 th Shkrek.
28.11 Adding a new mini-game.

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  1. 4difeer666 10 November 2019 20: 36

    Good news! I’ll soon invest in a new bank
    A complaint
  2. matrix2000 10 November 2019 18: 04

    Thanks for the news!
    A complaint