- Halloween with Taxi-Money! - Halloween with Taxi-Money!

On October 31 the Ancient Evil awakens all over the world. But Taxi-Money continues to delight its players with updates:

1. An unprecedented improvement in the conditions for opening and the cost of developing businesses in the game - car services, construction companies and license agencies. So, the cost of state accreditation at the opening of a car service was reduced from 29 000 to 990 rubles; construction company - from 15 000 to 990 rubles; licensing agencies - from 12 900 to 4 900 rubles. The best moment to open or reanimate your business in Taxi-Money!

2. Loan rate reduced to 0,01% per day.

3. Halloween monster car! 6 level. Order value + 20%. 15% bonus on any account (optional). After fulfilling orders for 200 rubles a day, he starts giving 5% in the form of tournament points. Brings 100% of energy (instead of expense). Protection from chasing and luring! No parking required! May participate in tournaments. 1 TO = 300 days of service. 14 500 rubles only until November 30.


Good luck in the game!

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